3 month romance forecast


Question asked will I meet a man romantically over the next three months

February - Support "you are not alone, you are safe your angels are guiding you right now."
March - Soulmate " your prayer for a soulemare relationship is answere"
April - Romance " "the angels are addressing and assisting you with your romantic needs."

Blessings "continue to ask the angels for support and guidance (jumpers)
Miracles (jumpers) - "miracles are occurring all around."

February- continue to have mental conversations with your angels, know that they're helping you on the search into meeting a man, they will provide you with what you need and intervene with a few warnings keep an eye on the signs as he might be coming your way. I feel this is telling me my angels are trying to help me find the right man, one that won't hurt me as much as the rest and will take good care off me. I feel if I have any doubts I need to commune with them.

March - Soulmates- I feel my angels are helping me open up my heart to a big romance coming my way, I feel they're going to assist me in the month of march and help me take clear steps in to searching for my soulmate.

April- the angels are sending me steps into finding a romance, all I need to do is have faith and listen. I feel that in the month of April the angles will be sending someone down my way even if it's in the form of flirtatious banter.

Miracles and blessings I feel are both telling. Me to be patient and have faith a miracle will come when I least expect it.


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