3 New Cards

Major Tom

For my small following: 3 new cards for Major Tom's Tarot.

My friend Solandia appears as the 3 of Wands.

My friends Mandy and Will appear as the 4 of Wands.

My friend Gavin appears as the King of Coins. Gavin also appears as the Emperor. })


Constructive criticism always appreciated.

*singing* "I get by with a bit of help from my friends, I get by with a bit of help from my friends."


Oh! Solandia has blond hair! It's a lovely card, but it surprised me. It's funny how you form a mental image of someone without even realising you've done it. I imagined her with dark hair.

Sorry - this is off-thread, but I met Mags in London (first person from Aeclectic I've met) and she looked completely different from how I expected (she looks very nice indeed, but not in the way I imagined - her hair was also a different colour from in my mental image).

PLEASE put more people from Aeclectic into the pack - so we can all rush off and see if they are the way we imagined :)


Hi Major Tom! Nice cards.

Your Two of Coins isn't working by the way.

The Three of Swords is, is, is............ well, it just is.

My favourite is the 7 of Swords!

The 10 of Swords made me laugh. (Is it supposed to make one laugh?)

Soon you'll be able to do the 2 of Wands....... (Kaz: have you sent the picture to Major Tom yet?)


just contacted him.

Major Tom

Karen - There's lots of people from Aeclectic in the deck. ;)

Diana - I have to agree about the 2 of Coins. Faunabay didn't realise she was posing for the 2 of Coins. lol

The 3 of Swords is a stranger. The 7 of Swords is my friend Grinder. His name is Mark but everyone calls him Grinder. As for the 10 of Swords - shouldn't it make you laugh? :eek:

I've heard from Kaz and will soon have the photos for the 2 of Wands. Thanks. :D This is especially timely with everyone clammoring to see a photo of Diana. :laugh:

I'm practically positive Diana has the beautiful face of the Moon, carries a bow and quiver, and has two greyhounds at heel. })


I like the cards, but the two of coins isn't working - literally: I just get a "not found"-page... I'm not sure but I think that's what Diana meant?

who else from Aeclectic is on these cards? (Kiama is the princess of wands, right?)


Sorry - I think I've been a bit slow on the uptake. I knew there were some people from Aeclectic in the pack, but I thought it was only a few. Please tell us more about who is there. Meanwhile I'll go back and look some more.

Nice deck - it really is :)


2 of Coins doesn't show up (error message) and neither does Temperance.

The Enchanter

I really like your cards. You are doing the same thing as me where you take pictures and mess with them to create interesting images. Just a hint....i think you should blend the photos more so they all look like one picture instead of a bunch of pictures....unless ofcourse that is what you were looking for...if you need tips on photo blending im really good and interested in that stuff....e-mail me.

Major Tom

Another new card - the 2 of Wands featuring my friend Diana.

The bad links have hopefully been corrected - they worked for me just now. Thanks everyone.

Community members who appear? (I hope I don't leave anyone out) :eek:

Kiama - Princess of Wands
Pollux - Knight of Wands
Alobar - King of Wands
Solandia - 3 of Wands
Diana - 2 of Wands
Rhiannon - Princess of Swords
Faunabay - 2 of Coins, Queen of Coins
Blue - Knight of Coins
Kayne - 4 of Cups
Tarotbear - 5 of Cups, 8 of Cups, Temperance
DarkElectric - Death