3 of Swords in New Deck Spread?



I generally like to do a new deck spread to get to know my deck the first time I use it. I used this one, which was mostly accurate/helpful, however in the "Deck's most important characteristics" position I got 3 of Swords. I just can't relate my happy bright Fey deck with this cold unhappy card, and I was wondering if anyone here in AT could help try to shed some light, as it has been puzzling (and slightly depressing) me all day :neutral:.




Perhaps its strongest characteristic is that when you're feeling depressed (like the 3 of swords) that this deck is a good one to use because of its positive energy. :)


Or perhaps it is just saying that the deck will be openly honest with you and will pull no punches. The messages the cards give may be dark and unpleasant on occasion -but through consideration of the rough as well as the smooth there are lessons to be learned and the fey will lead the way...


Thank you! I can imagine both of these interpretations fitting with this deck and card well; I hope readings from it can cheer me up as much as just looking at it does, and that alluring smile of the Queen of Pentacles on the box makes me think that this deck might have a lot of straight talking advice to give if I give it a chance!




3 swrds...

The three of swords is a conflict card, thus then a resolution...truth comes out..so false security is gone and clarity is gained regardles of the turht or outcome...just as an objective taort reading ahould be.

I posted a thread called experienced tarot practioner and reiki healer...its to teach taort..check it out:)

In this light, these swords hint to our ability to balance core and supporting beliefs leading to heartfelt breakthroughs in our lives.

questions get us to the answers because they lay within, thus a taort spread shall be used in respect and honesty to self...here are some direct 3 swords questions

How do I see clearly into the heart of the matter? What's the root of the conflict?
How can I integrate my supportive beliefs with more core in order to be free of limitation?
What truths am I holding apart from myself? What am I hiding from?
Am I being totally honest with myself about my situation and the people I am associating with?
What lesson does this pain hold for me?


Swords and strife

Swords relate to strife; how we handle it, use, endure it, avoid it, remember it, etc. Three, as a number, relates relationships and what they result in.

I have always seen the three swords (implied in the Fey deck) as relating to past hurts, present hurts, and the potential or vulnerability to be hurt again. In other words, this card represents the nature of life when we open to others. Of course, this is only one side of life, but that is the nature of "strife." This suit deals with that side of our life.

In this Fey 3 of Swords, the Fey is concerned about being marked by the sword. Being in water (affected by his emotions and feelings about everything -- its a big ocean -- he stands somewhat out of those emotions. Yet, he is marked. What can this mean. Has he been hurt, will he bit hurt, does he reflect the ability or intent to hurt? These questions will be answered by the place within the spread that this card is located in.

So, how would a high-minded Fey deal with this marking-by-strife? Is this a branding? Can it be removed if he thinks and acts differently? How will others view him when they see this "sword" image? Is he what he appears to be? This is a most unusual 3 of Swords. But then, that is the Fey deck, a very different and seeking kind of deck. It is my favorite. Dave