3 Santeria -- Oya [3 of Pentacles]


Oya is the bringer of storms, the guardian of the veil between life and death. This juxtaposition is shown in the cards by the healthy growth of eggplant amongst the tombstones. Oya is depicted in this card as wearing the torn garments of the Egungun (for she is also associated with tearing or wrenching between the worlds of life and death).

She is considered a warrior-goddess, so this card may indicate that one needs to apply warrior action to a situation. Be bold, fearless, strong, decisive. Have a battle mentality.

As a bringer of storms, the 3 Santeria card may indicate that one needs to bring storm energy: forceful, encompassing, causing change.

This card can also indicate that there is growth from a situation that may be considered dead. Also, since the eggplant is growing over the tombstones (obscuring them), this card could also indicate a thin line between "facts". The eggplants and tombstones show how thin the veil between life and death really is.


Notes from IDS studies (April 2008):

Oya is the orisha of storms, lightning, and the “tearing” of the Veil between this world and the spirit world. She wears the torn garment of the Eggungun (spirits of the dead). This garment represents the tearing of the Veil. It is orange and yellow  6th and 5th chakras (these chakras respond well to citrine).

Oya harnesses lightning (just like Shango). She brings storms and dances between this world and the next.

There is a healthy growth of eggplant among the tombstones, atop which Oya dances. Eggplant is sacred to Oya. This symbolizes life from death, and ties in with the traditional 3 Pentacles meaning of building (the tombstones are made of stone). The purple = the psychic, intuition.

Oya is a warrior spirit. She is married to Shango. Her voudoun counterpart is Manman Brigitte (the 3 Congo card in the NOVT).

9 is Oya’s sacred number. This is a 3 card, and 9 is divisible by 3.

I interpret this card to mean that someone should embody the attributes of Oya, and shake things up in the manner of storms.