&#39Tarot made Easy&#39 lawsuit


Nancy Garen, author of Tarot Made Easy, apparently has a lawsuit against Miss Cleo and PRN.

Here is the link.


At the risk of being stupid I ask anyway....
Who/what is Miss Cleo? It sounds really american. Never heard of her here in the Netherlands.



Miss Cleo is a character who does TV commercials for one of the "sucker lines" - a pay-per-minute tarot reading service.

She's a large black woman with a stereotypical Jamaican accent who does really amazing tarot readings on commercials and half-hour or hour-long "infomercials" where she does supposedly live readings with total strangers and reveals all sorts of amazing deeply personal information to the oooohs and aaaahs of a studio audience.

It's very phony and almost laughable, but she seems to be very effective... the phone line is making a fortune and several states have filed lawsuits against them.

I think she's a total fraud, but I have to admit, she's been GREAT for business! Because of her commercials, people are very aware and curious about Tarot and I've seen a major increase in readings in the last couple of years since her commercials have gotten airplay.


I see ....., and this is on television?? Oh my, what a big laugh, sounds like fun to watch. To bad we won't ever have it here, dutch cheesebrains are to unimaginative and it won't be watched when it will be on.
But hey, we have Jomanda......




I have to ask!


Jomanda is someone who classifies in the category of Kiama's signature.....

Have a look at her own website (also in english, click index and US flag):

And for a healthier look on it:

Too bad you don't read dutch, cos there is loads about this "Phenomena".



personally, the idea of 'Tarot Made Easy' is at least as offensive to me as 'Miss Cleo'.
the very idea that tarot can be 'made easy' bugs the hell out of me. and at least 'Miss Cleo' is obviously a fraud (to anybody with half a brain!).
so it seems to me that Nancy Garen poses at least as much of a threat to credible tarot readers as 'Miss Cleo' does. perhaps even more so. imo...