4 Petro -- Agwe La Flambeau [4 of Wands]


A boat (symbol of Agwe, loa of the ocean) floats upon a river of hot lava. The boat is so well constructed that it is not harmed by the lava, and it sails across it with ease.

I interpret this card to mean someone/something that has as strong foundation, which will help them get through hard times relatively unscathed. This is a good correlation with one of the traditional meanings of the 4 of Wands as a “marriage” card, as a strong foundation is necessary for a good marriage.

The sail on the boat is rather large in propoartion to the boat itself. Sails take in air to help propel a boat; perhaps this refers to thoughts (even though this is a Petro card)…thoughts that are larger than the situation (things appear worse than they are?).


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