400th Post Question--Which of the Faeries ...


would provide me the most help with

... Procrastination?

My resolution for 2004 is to do something about my lifelong struggle with this.

I'm still going through the cards for the first time, so would love some advice here.

Which of the Faeries Oracle cards (and of course the Faeries themselves) might be best to work (study, meditate, converse) with on this? Which would be able to offer the most help? If you can suggest one, or more than one, please share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance, and many blessings in 2004.


400! 400! 400! 400! I can't believe I've made this many posts already! :D I guess I haven't been procrastinating in the Aeclectic post department. :)


Well, my initial feeling is that Luathas might help kick-start you - he certainly does for me. He's like the Peter Pan of my faeries, a regular faery firework. Whether his energy and drive would be in the right direction, though, is another issue entirely!


Perhaps the Rarr?


Fee Lion - definately!

Keywords for him are Delayed completions and tidying up loose ends.

He seems perfect to me. But he also warns not to go the other way and complete jobs for others that they should be doing, and also that you mustn't make yourself a martyr. Fee isn't a Faerie that appears to me often but he is a rather sneeky looking character and he's itching to finish things for you so best get on and do them yourself (unless of course you want to leave it in the hands of a Faeirie? - bit riskey)

Moonbow* :D


Thank you for your suggestions, Dark Angel, She Who Watches, and Moonbow!

The Fee Lion reminds me of my cat Emily, who has refined nagging to a high art form. Luathas is definitely a faery of action, isn't he? I'm not familiar with Rarr yet, but he looks sort of like a ball of energy.



Have you tried shuffling the cards, asking the fae to help you with your procastination?

I think it would be a fun excercise for you to shuffle the deck and ask something like "Who would be best in assisting me to not procastinate anymore?". I think you should let your faeries answer that question for you. There are a lot of faeries that can help motivate you, get you going, rise up your energy levels, keep you company, or whip you in the behind as you lack. There are many different types of procastination, and I think your faeries (who are more closely connected to you) would know best who to choose for you in assisting you with your task. It will also help you develope your relationship with your fae vs. taking someone else's word for it. Listen closely to them, and give them a chance to choose for you who would be best in assisting you. I hope this helps, and if you do decide to do this, please repost and let us know who choose the task.



Thanks, Sagitarian. You're right of course.

I selected three:

1. The Bodacious Bodach
2. O! That Gnome
3. Solus

When I pulled these cards last night, they didn't make sense to me. I was too tired to "tune in" to them. I looked at them again this morning and spoke to the faeries represented in them.... Nothing.

Finally I asked why the faeries weren't talking to me anymore, and I got this very clear, "You're not listening!" in response. So I concentrated on releasing mental barriers, on opening to my intuition. Here's what I got when I queried them again:

1. The Bodacious Bodach says, "What's holding you back? Fear? Are you afraid of doing things wrong? Isn't it better to do it wrong than to not do it at all?" He advises me to stop sabotaging myself with fears of imperfection. "Just do it--the right way will come. Do it until you get it right."

You know, he's right! The things I tend to procrastinate the most with are my job search and my creative endeavors (not writing so much as painting). Also organizing and trimming down my belongings (house too small). With all of these tasks there's this fear of not doing it "right", and yet not doing it at all is indeed far worse.

2. O! That Gnome says, "Jump right into the middle of things and start doing them. The answers will come. It's a puzzle, but it has meaning. As you pick up the pieces and move them around you'll see what you need. Just go with the flow of the chaos until the meaning comes through."

Hmm, I relate this advice most to organizing my house. I think he's telling me that as soon as I start moving things around I'll begin to see a pattern that I can work with.

3. Solus doesn't really talk to me, or I have a lot more trouble understanding the Singers. Their messages seem quite subtle to me. But just looking at this card gives me a boost of confidence in my abilities, and a feeling that energy is taking form. Creation is in progress. I am more than I think I am, so there's no real need to hesitate. It's time to take action.

Thanks, everyone, for your advice! When I got the message from the first card this morning, it was an "oh, of course" kind of experience. It felt wonderful.



That's awesome, I'm so glad you choose to do the excercise. Who woulda thought of those three helping in procastination? I'm glad you've found your answer, and in return also developed even a closer relationship with your faeries. Keep your ears listening to their sweet voices, and they'll help you make a world of difference in your life. Thanks for sharing!