5 New Cards

Major Tom

For the first time in a long while - I've posted 5 new cards to Major Tom's Tarot. http://www.majortom.biz/deck.html

The Chariot features my friend Fred.

The 2 and 8 of Swords feature my girlfriend, Jane.

The 6 of Cups features my children.

The Knight of Wands features my friend Pollux.

Let me know what you think. :)


I like all of them, but the six of cups is my favorite. Fanci


very nice major Tom. i liked them all and especially i appreciate the close ties those cards must have to you. how special it must be to be able to use a deck you made yourself with images of the people you love on the cards!
so your deck is quite an inspiration:)


New Cards

I like your cards. I am working on a photo deck at skipsphotosgroup at Yahoo Groups. I love the way you merge surealistic and conventional imagery. It can convey much more emotion and open many intuitive doors.
Peace and joy in your deck.

Major Tom

Thank you Fanci, Jema and Blackowl for such positive responses. :)

I've just put another card up - me as the 9 of Swords.


I like this deck very much! It's a great idea to use photos of friends and family to create a Tarot deck. You can use the deck far into the future, and it'll always be a picture of this time. And, you can pass it on to family members later as a family keepsake.
I hope other tarologues will pick up on this hint you're giving them!


Very personal! I couldn't imagine having to ask people to pose for a deck... not that I'm any kind of photographer...


You have kids? COOL!! They are cute kids... Great 6 of Cups, very joyful.

And my friend Pollux is the Knight of Wands? With me as the Princess? This deck gets even better Tom! (You scalawag you! ;))

I particularly like your Chariot... Tres cool. I haven't checked the site for a while, simply due to teh fact that I didn't have the net at home til now, so I have lotsa free time to surf... It does seem to have grown incredibly since I last saw it!

I can't wait til it's finished... Can't be long now...




Major Tom: Just found this thread. Always great to see your deck-in-progress. I also like that ye people your cards with family & friends.


This is a pleasure to see these cards. What an inspiration ! Beautifully done, and with heart as well. Thank you for sharing this very personal work with us.