5 Santeria -- Oggun [5 of Pentacles]


Two spirits (Oggun and Ochosi) sit on horses during Carnival. They are dressed in police uniforms and each carries a shield. They wear yellow shades and helmets with stars on the crown. They are almost identical in appearance/mirror images.

This card indicates duality, unity, couples, partners.

The yellow of the shades and helmets indicates the intellectual…seeing things through logic, thinking things through. The star on the crown of the helmets is a heavenly benediction (the crown chakra).

This card does not have the typically negative connotation of the traditional 5 of Pentacles meaning. There is a sense of calm (even the horses have calm expressions), but it is that calm right before something happens (which would connect it to the XI – Secret Societies card in this deck). Oggun and Ochosi are able to spring into action at a moment’s notice. This is more of a watchful calm. This card also indicates stability and authority.

Oggun is the patron orisha of policemen and law enforcement. He is married to Oya, orisha of storms.


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