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Hi to all,
Wlel I don't know the description of the 6 of cups as I'm learning this deck and could use any assistance from all of you. I'm not really sure wht it could mean if I don't have the description as I am blind and can't see whaat's on the cards. So I have to rely on others who are sighted around me.
Can any of you who use this deck help please?
All theb est,


Hi Veronica,

I'll try to describe the card for you :).

In the foreground and over to the left there is a man with long auburn hair. We can see him in profile.. His hair is tied back in a pony-tail but he also has a plait which hangs down near behind his ear. He is wearing a green cloak which is fastened on his left shoulder with a clasp. He is leaning against the frame of a window which he's looking out of and in his right hand he holds a golden goblet.

Through the window we can see 2 children, they look like a boy and a girl who are sitting on the grass playing with what look like beads and five goblets.
The goblets are arranged in an upturned 'V' shape and they are all filled with beads.. The child on the left (the one who could be a boy), is pouring beads from his hand into one of the goblets.
There are some light, fluffy clouds in the sky.

I've added an image too in case anyone else wants to see the card.


I hope that helps.


interpretationof 6 of cups

Hi Sulus,
Thanks for describing it to me. I'd say in terms of this, it could mean that the person may be watching people possibly children having a good time with maybe arts and crafts. Seeing this makes me think that it's about relaly having fun, knowing that the person amy want support is important and letting things flow that may be entense maybe a situation as well. In terms of what I see form this card, it could mean that one may need to look at the people in their lives for support. Once they can look up to them then they can watch them be very creative as well as keeping an eye on something thatmaybe emotional to them.
All the best,


6 of Cups at its best, as I see it:

I see people who are gently retracing their memories. They relive the feelings, feel at peace with them, and enjoy them for what they are.

When sharing the memories with someone else, the people become closer together and more open with each other. Whether with someone or alone, they feel closer to and more open with the world: softer, more compassionate, and more understanding.

ETA: Veronica, I really like your interpretation, too! It makes me think of holiday craft time as a kid. :heart:


The man looking out through the window seems to have a loving gaze fixed on the children. His demeanor seems relaxed and happy to see the children getting along so well, but something in his eyes gives me a little hint of something a bit more off putting. Maybe it's the wisdom he, himself has achieved about how life really is? I almost get a vibe from him that he is thinking to the children, "Enjoy your freedom and your carefree life now, because it won't always be this way." He seems to be longing for a time when life was simpler. He seems to just have a sense of knowing about him that the children do not have. His innocence is not what it was at their age. The placement of the cup in is hand appears to me as though he is about to raise his glass and say something to the effect of, "cheers to childhood, may your lives always be this way"