6 of Pentacles as emotions


So that's clearly NOT an accurate interpretation then. Lol. Could it be that they feel they have to be the carer and the provider all the time?

Hm no... But I guess they take from people instead of giving. In this case, Z uses them for their own personal happiness if that makes sense?


Hi. I could see the 6 of pentacles as caring or seeing to the needs of others. You mentioned that they don't share their feelings with others often and that too can be represented by this card for me. The rw deck has a man distributing money to 2 people. One has 3 pentacles over them and the other has 2. Yet the giver only has one over them. Perhaps all is going out with little return. Maybe they need to focus on themselves a bit rather than making sure others needs are tended to.

Given the question, this card definitely has a caregiver vibe to it.

Thank you! I'm not sure about this one. The last sentence makes sense I think - they're trying to escape their pain by being with certain people. Explains the negative card.


I usually read this card as either balance or imbalance (I use reversals). So in the case of someone's emotions, it could be that they are even keeled, or feeling a little off center. Six is an even number, and the man in my deck is depicted doling out coins to beggars. There is an imbalance between the two parties, but the man is being generous and seeking to bring more balance between them by giving them what they do not have. So it could depend on whether the person identifies more with the rich man or the beggars, they could be someone emotionally vested in the needs of others, giving of themselves (maybe even too much), or they could be emotionally dependent on others as well. I also read this card sometimes as power struggles, more so in regard to situations or imbalances between actual parties, but as emotions I suppose it could be an inner power struggle as well...

Thank you!

Yes, Z is emotionally dependent on other people. Whenever they're with their friends, they are happy and look completely fine, but when they're alone that's when they feel the most down. It's a mask.


Hi there I'm wondering if it points to a bit of bipolar ? I am just going on a note I have somewhere and could be well off the mark xxx

Thank you!

They're not bipolar but they do have mood swings (they're not extreme though) and the happiness is temporary for them.


6/Pents would certainly indicate those feelings. The receiving of money by the beggar may be something he doesn't want to announce, and if the one giving the money is socially aware (Pents are about social feelings), then he will not boast about his generosity. True generosity--the best interpretation of this card--is that the giver dispenses his gift privately and allows the receiver to accept without feeling any shame. The giver, also, feels fortunate that he can help someone, not like he's doing them a favor.

So, you can read this card as a very delicate exchange with a lot of "social" feelings. Meaning the person may feel shame and very private. Willing to open up and receive, but only because they feel its very necessary.

Thank you!

Yes, they are very private. They rarely open up, and when they do it's in a joking manner or subtle hints that no one understands. They'd much rather listen than talk.


Personally, I see it as a giving to those in need because it's the right thing to do (scales). It is one of giving, without getting, anything in return. It is also one of getting something for nothing. If Z is the receiver, they don't have anything to give. If Z is the giver, they won't get anything in return for sharing. It's an uncomfortable position to be in no matter what.


Whenever I've seen the 6 of Pentacles pop up in love readings, it usually means that someone is doing all the giving and the other party is doing all the receiving. So for example person A, in a relationship, may be paying for all the dates, cooking all the dinners, giving all his love, but person B may just be kicking her feet up and not giving a single dime of herself.

I've seen this card pop up for myself when I feel as if a guy likes me way more than I like him. He's ready to give up so much of himself for me while I am not ready to invest a single penny.


I was going through my AT threads etc, copying everything. I stumbled across this thread and a sudden realisation hit me.

Now I believe that person was feeling like they were trying too hard without any success. That guy was trying to reconcile with me and all I did was give them a cold shoulder. Thank you Enlightenment23 for triggering that memory/realisation.

That's what I think right now, but that doesn't mean it's what I would've thought and agreed with a month ago.