6 of Pentacles


Has anyone noticed that this hermit has only wooden coins hanging from the trees but gold around his neck that looks as though it weighs heavily, so much so that it's weighing him down? As though the responsibility of having material wealth is a heavy burden.


Your post made me think of Bill Gates. Having money could be like an albatross around your neck.
The fact that it is a hermit giving the alms made me think about the saying, 'with wisdom comes age'. I'm glad you pointed out how much responsibilty comes with being a benefactor. I see potential here also. Which of those receiving hands returns?

A few things about this card I don't understand, but caught my eye.
Three Pentacles hang from a branch in the foreground, over a snow bank. It is covered with snow but has buds on the tips. It does not look like part of the tree the hermit is leaning on. Something from the past perhaps. None of the arms show coats or sleeves, so I don't feel the setting is winter. The three hands are outstretched over a rose background. The next Three Pentacles are hanging from a totally green branch with a lots of berries.

I think this might show progression. At one time the hermit might have been on the receiving end. He was the one out in the cold, receiving alms in the hope he would share the wealth later.
I keep thinking that the more he empties out that bowl,.. the more room he'll have to put more in it!
:) Hh


I drew this card yesterday in a spread and I spent about 15 minutes just looking at it trying to understand what this picture means.

For me, I kept thinking of the fable about the ant and the grasshopper. The grasshopper played all summer and the ant worked and packed away supplies for winter. Once winter came, the ant was snug as a bug in a rug (hehe!) in his cozy home, while the grasshopper was unprepared and uncomfortable. However, in this card it seems as though the man (the 'ant') has chosen to help those who are under-prepared or less fortunate.

I do believe it to be winter in this card, the berries shown are mistletoe, which fruits in the heart of winter. I think this continues the theme of preparedness and personal wealth. The 'fruits of your labor'.

I think this man has worked hard his whole life (he looks rather tired) and wishes to share the comfort and joy he's experienced. Perhaps he's a hermit and doesn't know how to show these emotions socially, so he gives what he can in monetary gifts because that's easier.

This deck is pretty good about showing bowls or chalices as full when they are clearly meant to be, and his bowl appears to be either empty or getting low on coin. I feel he's been giving a lot.

Just my observations. :)