7 Petro -- Erzulie La Flambeau [7 of Wands]


Erzulie La Flambeau stands on one leg (balance?). She holds knives in each hand. She wears an unpleasant expression. There are feathers(?) around her eyes obscured vision?

She is striking out, doing battle. The obscured vision  the clouded vision of rage (when we “See red”?).

The background of the card is a swirl of green, yellow, and brown. It shows movement. These earthy tones have a predominance of green: out of anger/battle comes growth?

Erzulie L.F. stomps on cobs of corn…passionate energy. The corn is ground down to maize/hominy: same nourishment, but in different forms?

Pinkish dress: romance? Innocence?


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