7 Wands,4 swords,8 coins


How would you interpret this 3 card spread in conjunction with starting a new relationship?

could it possibly mean struggling with emotions for the person and having to see things from a different perspective as thgis could lead to eventual boredom?

I'm very confused!



Without knowing the exact question you asked, or the context of the positions for these three cards ...

You are/have been struggling with too many problems all coming head on at once. Too much dating? Too many men all the same type? Wasting a lot of time for nothing? Shallow people with nothing to offer except sex for the moment?

You are being told to take a rest from it all; oftimes those who despirately want to have a relationship are so involved in the fact that they don't have one that they develop tunnel vision and it seems the more you try the farther away from your goal you become. Take a break; stop trying so hard. Break a pattern.

While you are on some quality downtime recharging your batteries, ask yourself a few basic questions: What do I want out of a relationship? What can I bring to a relationship? How much am I willing to sacrifice to help make a relationship work? Here you must try for slow and methodical (Lee's interpretation) approaches and not expecting 'instant relationship' to happen.



I think Tarotbear's said it all really so I don't have a huge amount to add except it seems to me that you feel at the moment you've got to make all the running and as a result you're trying to force things along. Definitely take time out to get your thoughts in order and your energies balanced because the way things are going at the moment they're doing your head in. Take a more "grounded" approach - be prepared to work at things but in a level, measured way.

I get the feeling that you're looking for the passion that Wands can bring but, as TB says, this is just driving you round in circles. With Coins, you will benefit from a more balanced, practical approach.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the input to scorpion and TB...you are both soooo right!

Martyn xxx