78 Degrees of Wisdom


OK, I have the book now. Everyone has said such wonderful things about it and also mentioned studying it together. But now I can't find any posts about studying it! Are you all corresponding off this board or am I just not finding the messages?



sorry Numbrel,
the only study group I?ve heard of inhere is the one we have going in constellations and mandalas. And we?re using Mary K Greer?s books; tarot for your self, constellations and mirrors.
Is this the study group you seek ?


i can only remember the book being suggested as an excellent resource and study guide. rachel pollack has an extensive background in tarot plus her writing style is entertaining. this isn't a book i can sit down and read straight thru but i still enjoy skipping around learning.

since you want a study group on 78 degrees of wisdom, why not start one here yourself? all you need is a willingness to learn. i'm sure others are interested in this book, too. in 3 days, i can join you studying the book.


It is a wonderful book, I feel like it really connects me to the collective wisdom behind the tarot.
I don't know of any study groups around this book. But I'd be really interested to take part in one.



As I wanted to do a thorough re-reading of this book over X-mas, I'd love to tune in in your future study group project.

Just let me know when you will start with it.


What a great idea! I would love to take part in this study group! I am currently reading the book (just finished the major arcana section) and it is terrific. I think the study group would offer us an opportunity to discuss the symbolism of tarot as well as ask each other relevant questions regarding our favorite decks in the context of what we lear through this book. Count me in!

~Scartches her head~ With this being the second study group to emerge I am wondering if we should ask Solandia to create a "Study Groups" forum and move this thread and the "Constellations & Manadalas" one to that forum ... what do you guys think?

Love & Light,


Hi, thanks for the replies. I don't mean to "post and run." My computer has problems with Aeclectic and sometimes I write a nice long message and it gets lost. I would happy to start a study group after the first of the year. I leave for a big vacation on Friday and I won't be back for 3 weeks. I will try to check in while on the road, but I don't know how regular I can be.

Like I said, I just got the book and I am slowly working my way through it. If there is someone who feels they really want to lead the study group, I do not mind at all. I am back in college and wouldn't mind someone else taking the lead. But if no one else wants to, I will.



The beggining of next year sounds good to me too. I am also leaving on vacation starting this Friday and will not be checking in.

Happy holidays to all!

Love & Light,


I have 78 degrees of wisdom on my shelf and have never read it. I would love to join your study group and read the book! Hope I have time!


I have also started reading 78 Degrees of Wisdom a few days ago and would like to participate in the study group.
Love and Light,Genna.