A christian themed tarot spread! Please tell me what you think!


A christian themed tarot spread...

Today I tried a new christian themed Tarot spread.
It was suprisingly easy but diverse.
I hope you like it!

I find it hard to describe what a certain card position signifies because that really relies heavily on your own interpretation. Once you get the idea, the spread will explain itself to you. But if there is anyone that wishes to improve my description, please do! I could use some help!

ps: This is NOT really a fortune telling spread so no past and future cards here! It more resembles the buddhist saying that goes somewhat like this, "if you want to know what you did in the past or will do in the future, observe the present".

The Body

1 Choose one card for your head ,
2 One card for your left hand (and arm)
3 one for your right (and arm)
4 one for your heart
5 one for your left feet (and leg)
6 and one for your right (and leg)

Put the cards in a position that resembles a human figure.


1} The head, means what is keeping you busy, what's on your mind (Thoughts and Feelings). Also, inspiration, prayer, spirituality, vision.

The next 2 cards:
These cards show that you can be consciously aware, of what's happening with you now. What you are creating (or doing) with your thoughts and feelings! These two cards work like a mirror(actually all cards in this spread!). Try to recognise (aspects of) yourself in what you see.

2} Is what you are feeling and what you are doing because of or with (your) feelings. When it's a court card, this could be an indication that you have feelings for a person (not necessarily romantic!). Because this is the left arm it is more passive then the right hand and therefor more easely represents your private (personal) life (but not necessarily!) and personal relations you have with other people. But might also be your feelings in a work situation. It should be your own interpretation. But in any case, this card really has to do with feelings, intuition and the like.

3} This cards shows what you are thinking and(or) doing with your thoughts. Also what's happening (or what you are doing) because of your thoughts. It is more active and therefor more easely can represent work, or some other activity (but again might just be something different!). When it's a court card it might be someone you are working with or thinking about.

4} The heart. What is at the heart of it. In the centre. What's creating or disturbing balance between 2 and 3(and 5 and 6). It's a very spiritual card for it also represents love. It's in the center of the reading and a very important card. It has strong relations with the other cards in this spread, the strongest probably beeing card no. 1.

5} Which way or where you are going with your feelings. (direction)

6} Which way or where you are going with your thoughts. (direction)

The Cross

After you have read the body...draw another six cards to form a christian cross and place it over it:


This cross is your own. It will tell you information about your body cards, gives advice, shows how balance in certain area's can be restored or where there's a problem. It can also tell you what you are doing right and how to improve. It's your divine self that covers you and directs you, "the cross you should -or could- carry." But you can give another meaning to the cross as you see fit.

crosscard 1 covers bodycard 1
crosscard 2 covers bodycard 2

Please let me know...

Please let me know what you think about it and how you would explain this spread to others.
My english is so limited!!!....

I hope this was usefull ...



Then what's the 5 and 6 cross cards for, they'd go between the legs wouldn't they (don't...). Are they just spiritual in general?

It looks very complex, I'll try it out some day when I feel like I have time. Seems very interesting though.



5 and 6 represent the legs. Both in the body and cross pattern. They do not go between the legs because when you put the cross on your body you are in "fact" symbolicly thinking yourself on the cross.

I hope that helps,


I can’t try this spread until I get home tonight, but I plan to as soon as I slide past the door. I can hardly wait; it looks great! It already speaks to me, even before I try it. As to a name for it; how about "Matthew 10:38"?
BTW, your English looks great to me!


I am so happy you like it!

That's a wonderfull name!

but oh dear, I dont think christian themed spreads are very popular here given the number of replies this topic gets...



Dear CJ,

Did you try it?
Anyone else out there interested?




Hey, I’m still out here; just busy for a few days. I discovered that I had lost a card from my one and only deck (I’m a newbie), and it took me a while to get a replacement deck (poverty sucks, but there are worse things, yes?).

So, I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but I’ve been studying it; I plan to try it this afternoon. Sunday, between services at my very active church; seems like the perfect time to try this cool spread!

I promise I’ll get back to you in the next day or so, at least. This may not be an area of hot interest around here, but those of us who are interested are passionately so, so don’t give up! It’s great to find another with like interests; and even if they aren’t widely shared, I have found the atmosphere of tolerance here wonderfully refreshing!



I keep thinking about this spread but I haven't done it yet, it's interesting in connection to certain christian ideas about Jesus as a reality within ourselves, this is even stronger within sunni islam. I'll go with the muslim idea because it's the most developed as far as I know, they see Isa (Jesus) as the perfect spiritual person who exists within us all and in order to wake this perfect person who rests within us we must die from our current selves, our meterial needs etc (this is all very easy to connect to buddhistic ideas about awakening the buddha nature within ourselves, enlightenment, to reach nirvana).

But this might all just be interesting to religion geeks such as myself!


Dear Aibhlin,

I have no knowledge of sunni islam. (or islam in general).
Perhaps one day I'll study the koran. But I am not sure.
There are so many writings I want to read first.

It is true that this spread has a connection with the idea of Jesus beeing a reality within ourselves. I guess you could also call this "your guardian angel spread", or even "a meditation spread."

It is very simular to Qigong for example. There is an exercise that teaches you to stand like a tree and stay in that position for several minutes. As a result it becomes easy to recognise pains and problems in your body (and a way to repair it).

Best regards,


And then you can't know I made a fool of myself, I was actually refering to sufi islam and not sunni, the view of isa in sunni islam is a little more warrior like...

Sufi islam is a very interesting part of islamic history, it's much like chasidism within judaism. Both islam and judaism are very much law religions with a base in ortopraxi (not sure how that's spelled in english...), and in contrast to this movements who instead stress gods love and faith as being important tend to arise (like sunni, for instance). The main saint cult in islam was in connection to the sufis.