A Clow Reading: Your opinions welcome.


I did a reading asking;
What happened to WW?

And got the following cards:

The Watery--The Change--The Bubbles

This person sort of disappeared. I only knew this person online, and after I did a reading for this individual, they vanished.

What do you make of this reading? It seems to show pretty obviously a dissolution of energy...almost like going to a younger form or less evolved form? There seems to be a maturity and an edge to The Watery that is absent in The Bubbles...Bubbles seems more sweet. Where Watery is a little angular and has some sharp edges, Bubbles is curvier, more rounded, less tail!

I would say the person in question has maybe lost some armor? Lost some protective defenses and so is more vulnerable now?


With this one I just get a feeling of drifting away, like bubbles.

As you say, it's a very soft card. Really quite insubstantial.

What caused the drifting away I don't know.
It happens on the internet. I have had people just drift away, then email addys get lost, time passes, that sort of thing.
I don't know anything about the person, or the reading you did for them, so I don't want to guess wether that was the trigger or not.
It seems something was, because of the change card.

But the watery is quite a soft card too (as you say, less soft than the Bubbles, but still soft)
Perhaps this person wasn't so very anchored in the first place, and it didn't take much to set them adrift.

But on the whole these are happy feeling cards.
Idon't get the feeling that anything bad happened, or there was any unhappiness involved driving them away.


I managed to discover that Clow is a Lenormand unlike the Oracle or Tarot. It attributes to personal development and predicts the future but the cards are not always clear or on point.

Each card can suggest a very wide concept like a general point and the querent has to search within or to the obvious to exactly pinpoint what the card is getting at.

In my opinion, using Clow card with adults isn't very helpful. Most of whom I did readings were very closed and logical when I present the Clow. It does not help when they try to block out the meanings by saying, "Pfft. Everyone has that! Any card you get is something everybody already has."

I plucked out the Illusion card and say you're living with false realities and they would still be indifferent. My point is, the Clow or Sakura works best with kids. The age group 17 and under. The cards resonate with them best and the energies just lights up. And after readings with the little ones, I pack em up with the deck bursting with energies like when you hold them between your hands, your palms starts to tingle way beyond comfort.

My Clow cards prefer charging by the Sun. I don't know why but it calls to me when the sun is brightest. When it first did that, I asked what the heck is up and produced the Glow card. It's funny because one time I picked it up, the energies felt wrong, and asked *sigh* what is it now and pulled the Float. It asked for a liberation from restraints. Then I suddenly remembered I haven't washed the cotton scarf I wrapped it in for weeks haha the deck is immensely expressive. My favorite so far