A Crystal Tonic for a morning refresher?


More like a Library Catalogue File a la the Olden Days before computers. :grin:

I'll be watching with interest.

Lol, that is even better, your lucky, i can't even work out a library or file anything so i will never achieve this, i'l be forever blond with little snippets of 'i'm sure i have heard of that before, i just can't remember' :.)


Michael Gieger has done a nice little book on Gem Elixirs - might be worth a look on Cygnus or Amazon. It is only a small book but packed with info.

Thank you stellar4, i will check Amazon UK for this. I always love a new book to browse,

love and light



Hi Linnie!

Hello... Crystals do love moonlight, absolutely, and it is one of the best ways to cleanse them and charge them up... I can't help but wonder though if the Moon isn't having its effect on YOU as much as on the crystal...

Oh i put all my crystals out on the full moon just the other night. So they are all nice and sparkly and cleansed and charged. And you are right i am very receptive to the pull of the moon :.) It can mess with my head and make me all confused, usually on a full moon.

I can see the Moon from my room, and during Full Moon its almost luminous in the whole room (hubby complains about too much light, as we don't do curtains), and I am completely buzzy, and cannot get to sleep, not because of the light, as even in a darkened room elsehwere in the house the Full Moon keeps me buzzing... :)...

Oh how lovely, we don't see the moon from our room, i wish we could. Yes it doesn't matter i think if you can't see the moon, as it is the effect it has on all water all over the earth, a house or a wall will not shield this.

To make elixirs, choose which crystal offers the properties you most want, and either place it directly into clean, pure water (the direct method), or place it in a glass bowl that sits WITHIN another bowl of water (the indirect method), and place in the sun. There are some conditions to this though... you need to know whether the crystal in question is

a) toxic, in which case always use the indirect method as poisons can leach from the crystal into the water, or

b) fragile, in that it is water soluble and may fall to bits/dissolve in water, in which case also use the indirect method... In any case of uncertainty, always err on the side of caution...

Yes i used a rose quartz over night last night. I did read about possible cautions also so i was carefull to check this, thank you for the advice :.)

There are so many different crystals for different uses... even if you ask regarding one to refresh, it could be carnelian etc to boost energy and strengthen the physical body, or it could be more a spiritual uplift, which could invite the various quartzes etc... A wonderful all-purpose little book for choosing crystals is Crystal Prescriptions (by Judy Hall author of The Crsytal Bibles 1 and 2) Very handy and compact... she also tells you how best to use it, ie as in indirect exlixir, hold in hand, sleep with crystal under pillow etc etc etc and yes, Michael Geiger's books are amazing... well, at least the one that I am familiar with "healing Crystals"... beautiful...

Thank you for the book recommendation! I will check it out, i usually only buy recommended books. I will see about Carnelian as this crystal holds the benefits i was initially looking for. I don't have a Carnelian so will need to source one. I haver a crystal bible by Cassandra Eason, so i must have a search through it, however i don't remember seeing anything about Elixers, i could have missed it though.

Thanks for your thoughts Linnie,

love and light beams.


So i made the Rose Quartz Elixer last night, i used boiled and cooled pure water, in a crystal decanter. Submerged a Rose Quartz into the water. And placed outside to be charged and cleansed by the moon light.

This morning i was so tired, but i had a glass before 'all' my caffeine. I remained very tired ( so i need to look at buying a more suitable crystal for energy boost such as Carnelian recommended by Linni.

However the only thing i noticed was when my husband left for work i felt sad to see him go as i felt full of love for him. This is not normal Lol :.)

As i am used to him leaving on Monday morning for work away through the week, i don't mind it atall infact i like it. Getting settled again after the weekend and doing things with my daughter.

So this was unusaul, i will need to check what emotional benefits there are for using Rose Quartz, to see if this hightened emotions of love and adoration.

Because this is how it was ' i loved him so much, felt like i didn't want him to leave, i felt really connected to his feelings also, i felt his sadness at having to leave home'.

Checked the book... In relation to my mood, it says that this Crystal helps to help a person to forgive mystakes. This makes sense as i am usually anoyed at my husband, he is a frequent big mystake maker - like on a daily basis, it gets draining. But this morning after the Elixer it did feel like nothing else mattered. It also mentions that this stone was used to strengthen relationships or call upon love.

Well it's not a scientific experament and i may be surmising (which i am as it is a personal experament) or it could be placebo effect who knows?! But that was unusual feelings as i probably should have been anoyed at him for being a pain over the weekend :.)

If there are anyother happenings i'l edit this post.