A curious fact...and a question!

Kurai Yuko

Tonight, a curious thing happened. I got a phone call, from someone telling me some nonsense things (nothing that I would like to tell now). Anyway, I belive it was a joke, a bad joke.
The most strange thing came after this phone call. Without any reason, I felt like playing my tarot. But it was like an impulse, and I couldn't control. I took my deck, and the cards were cold.
I tried, but I couldn't concentrate enough to understand the cards. Suddenly, I was nervous. May be the 'joke' had another meaning to me, but what? Even I can't understand!

Have you ever felt this way? A thing just like an impulse that you feel inside, telling you to take your deck? And why the cards, which usually are warm, were cold this time?
God, I'm so confused...

I know it's a stupid thing but still...I needed to ask! Thanks!



I'm sorry that the phone call worried you. Maybe the 'cold' cards were trying to tell you that there was no explanation for nonsense.

Kurai Yuko

Yeah, may be thats all. Thank you, anyway.

Quote:arizonagirl (18 Jan, 2002 01:09):
I'm sorry that the phone call worried you. Maybe the 'cold' cards were trying to tell you that there was no explanation for nonsense.


Ive never had an experience like yours, but I have experienced coldness in my deck when I have wanted to read. Along with the coldness, there was a feeling of resistance from my cards when I touch them, and I felt repulsed, in the way a magnet can repulse another magnet. My cards sometimes are unusually stiff, and difficult to shuffle.
I remember feeling drawn to reading before this happened, and when I tried to read, the cards were very strange, and not realted to the subject as far as I could possibly see. (And I tried). Experience has taught me to leave them along when I recieve a reaction such as this. Im not sure what goes on in this situation, but as the readings are insubstantial and ineffective I just leave them alone. Hope this helps.


Do you ever get that feeling of impending doom? The heart just will not settle. Often the cause of this is guilt in some form, is there anything you should be dealing with, but are not facing?
If you lie to yourself you won't get far before your tunnel becomes aphixiated.


when i reorder my deck every once in a while to "cleanse" it, it feels heavy...so I kind of understand what you are saying.


I get that impending doom feeling alot, but I now know to actually get something from ur intuition that u must settle down, relaxe then ask what seems to be happening. the impending doom could jsut be adrenaline (sp?) or just shock, but i can't explain the cards, but u might just have felt and instinct reaction to do what u knew was a safe way to find out wat was going on.


it is exactly your kind of experience that nudged me to seek another form of meditation to practice in conjunction with tarot. i find that sometimes i need to leave the cards alone and focus on something more in the "now", or more affirmation-oriented.
you might want to consider another kind of divination deck (medicine cards, angel cards, etc.), or maybe another practice altogether, like pendulums or the i-ching (those are the two i use).
your experience may have also been just a "bad vibe", which is no small thing, but would require further analysis, and a reading, perhaps at a different time. when that happens to me, i journal about the negative feeling, then do a reading when i feel safe again.
hope this helps...