A Faerie Sense of Humour - Shared Reading


Hmmm... I just got to share this with you guys/gals...

One of my old Spreads suddenly popped up again, and people were telling me how much it cheered them up... so I thought... why not! Time to give it a try for myself! The Happy Smiley Spread is put down as a smiley face, and I can do with some more smiles too!

I thought... well... let's take my Healing Process again, and let's see about that... and let's take my Fae out, they need the air.

Eyes - How to see your Problem with Different Eyes: Singer of Healing & Geeeooo the sloooow Reversed

Smile: The Pook, The Journeyman Reversed and Mickle a Muckle Reversed

And so the chatty Fae chuckle at me and stick out tongues and say: "Problem whaaaat problem?" You are Healing nicely, the Singer of Healing is there, you are taking responsibility, working through your issues... only you are IMPATIENT.... Bad Impatient Kahlie! *smack* Enjoy the process! Geeeooo is smiling at 'cha. Take it slow!

Oh dear, and what would make me smile? Well, the Fae look cross-eyed at me and say: "Just see the good in being sick". You got some time to be pampered, you got some time to relax. You don't have to anything! Just Heal and Sing and take things slow! And still you are complaining! Yargh! Ok, so your Journey ain't the one you thought you were going on grins the Journeyman, and the moon is on it's head... but so what? Huh? Enjoy this journey for once... instead of complaining and being careful and miserable and wanting to do other things.
Time to do nice little childish things, and not take stuff so seriously. Weren't you planning on playing with some threads? And muck around with some pen and paper?! High Time!

-----Now you guys/gals all know why I left them in their pretty box for the past months----

Any additional thoughts would also be appriciated!



Sounds like good news and good advice to me! Listen to them! Great spread I think I will have to try it.


Sounds like a great reading! Trust the fae to tease us into a good humour. :D :D


Eyes - How to see your Problem with Different Eyes: Singer of Healing & Geeeooo the sloooow Reversed

Smile: The Pook, The Journeyman Reversed and Mickle a Muckle Reversed
You recognize that you are healing, but you mention your impatience (definitely Geeeoooo reversed).

You ever tried making a person from the American South learn to talk fast? That's the feeling I get from trying to "hurry up" Geeeooooo - ain't happening, so get used to my speed. Reminds me of a story, an angel I met long ago.

There was this beautiful Jamaican man who regularly came to the library where I worked in college. At the checkout desk, everything was hurry hurry hurry... even slow days were fast. But this Jamaican professor... he would approach the desk slowly. He would slowly fish out his library card, which he never had ready before approaching the desk. His every move was like watching live slow-motion... fluid. Smooth. Deliberate. He rarely spoke, and when he did, his accent was rich and thick. And slow.

I couldn't get him to even *speak* to me any faster, much less move faster. I got so frustrated the first 6 months or so, every time he appeared at the counter. I would emanate Angry Vibes so he'd know what a pain he was in my life. Oh god, that slow guy. He takes forever and day. Can't he see how many people are behind him, waiting? Then... I shifted.

I realized the beauty of his every deliberate action. I realized I was his partner, and we were sharing in this dance, called checking out his library book... and if I learned to move at his speed, everything clicked.

I didn't work against him. I didn't attack him with my "hurry up" vibes any more. I smiled extra big every time he appeared, and took a moment to breathe in the smell of his skin as he stood near; I still see the vivid red, green and yellow colors of his Rasta hat.... His very presence reminded me to slow down a little, each and every time he appeared.

I am convinced, if ever Geeeoooo could become human, he was this beautiful Jamaican man.

Your reading....

Singer of Healing: You already know what this means.

Geeeooooo: Slow down. Don't dance so fast, Kahlie. You're doing fine....

The Pook: As above, so below. Realize what you create in your mind is what you create in your life.

The Journeyman, rev. : Where you going? Where you journeying? How far do you have to go to realize you never had to leave in the first place?

Mikle a Muckle rev. : (Is there someone named Michael prominent in your life?) Mikle laughs at the messes he makes. And laughs at us when we fret over the messes we make. Why you so upset, Mikle might ask. Nothing but spilled milk, ain't no reason to make a big deal.

Go slow, Kahlie. Dance in slow motion. Make every move a deliberate act of God, that is, the God within. :)



Yeah, you are right. A prominent Michael figure? Just Archangel Michael. =)
Trying to laugh at the mess! You see - humans tend to get pissed if a year long you still didn't regain your Health - Fae ask you what you are bothered with :p