A God Associated with Swans?


I'm wondering if anyone can help in my search to find a god associated with swans. For well over a year I have found myself called very strongly by swan imagery. I have even had at least one dream where a swan held me under its wing and told me it would protect me. I have known in all these cases that the swan energy is male, not female.

The only god I have been able to find associated with swans is Zeus. I know this isn't right, in terms of the energy I am feeling. Can anyone suggest another god, or maybe a masculine goddess? If it helps, I am a devotee of Isis and work almost eclusively with Her.

Oh, sometimes I feel... something from Apollo. Is He connected to swans in any way?


yes, you are right! the swan is apollo's bird.

coincidently, the swan is associated with samhain, which is coming up in a couple of days.

there is a celtic tale called 'the dream of oengus' (the druid god of love). according to the druid animal oracle, every other year, at samhain, the beautiful girl caer ibormeith, turns into a swan. to win her love, oengus turns into a swan as well.


There is also Leda, who was seduced by Zeus in the form of a swan and bore 2 sets of twins (sometimes shown as being hatched from eggs!) one set (each had a mortal and immortal one or a good and bad one) was Castor and Polydeuces, the other was Helen (of Troy) and Clytemnestra. I checked my classic myth text book to be sure.


"Classical writters maintained that the swan loved music and uttered a beauiful song at its death. Perhaps for this reason it became associated with Apollo anf thence of certain muses. It is occasionally his attribute and that of the muses Erato and Clio. Fable had it that the soul of a poet entered into a swan."

-------------Dictionary of subjects and symbols in art, by James Hall

I've come across other swan connections recently also but can't remember tham at the moment. However, perhaps the poets muse is encouraging you toward something... Wish a swan was haunting me!!!

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Lhoengrin & Angass mac Oge are both associated with the Swan. Lhoengrin was transformed into one; Angass mac Oge is the God of Love, & this is his bird. He was pining over a vision of a maiden (her name escapes me, I have to llok this stuff up! :p); when they finally got together, they became swans & lulled everyone in Emain Macha to sleep with their song.

Hope this was helpful!


Hi SilverLotus- I looked up a symbology book and heres what it said.
The Gods associated with Swans are:-
Apollo,Aphrodite,The Muses,Venus,Zeus,Sarasvati,Brahma,Devi.

Correspondances are :-
Grace,Healing,Altered states,intuition,transformation,Monogomy and Dignity

The Constellation is Cygnus- The Northern Cross found in the Milky way appearing to fly Southward.
Hope this is of Help~Rosanne


Pictures from the Heart said:
...Astraea, daughter of Zeus and Themis, and goddess of innocence and purity....

She also mentions Apollo, Brahma, Saraswati, the albedo phase of alchemy and Parsifal from grail myhology.


My goodness! Thank you for all the help! There is a lot of leads for me to follow now. Strangely enough, for nearly as long as I have been followed by these swans images I have also been finding Apollo popping up in strange places.

But being one to explore all avenues, I will check out the leads suggested.

This is why I love Aeclectic! :)

Phoenix Rising

I found this while searching an article about "Star Fire" another topic.
The combination of the central pineal and its lateral wings has long been referred to as the 'Swan', and in Grail lore (as in some yogic circles) the Swan is emblematic of the fully enlightened being. This is the ultimate realm of consciousness achieved by the mediaeval Knights of the Swan, as epitomised by such chivalric figures as Perceval and Lohengrin.