A Good Deck for CAsting Magick Spells

Lucas Prince of Cats

If I say anything wrong, and you are wiccan, please don't get mad, and do correct me. Anyways, I want to start performing some wiccan magick, and use a deck as a magick tool, since it's now part of the structural framework of my life. Does anyone know any good decks for that? MAybe a deck that uses achetypes to relate to wiccanism? (eg. the emperor is the horned god, the empress the goddess, the wheel of fortune is the wheel of the year, and all).

Scarlet Woodland

Lots of wonderful options, but I particularly love the Book Of Shadows Vol 1: As Above.

Love the Vol 2: So Below as well but know the artwork isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Oh, haven't used it for this yet as it's new to me, but just remembered the LWB for the Fantastical Creatures Tarot (Lisa Hunt) has a little section for each card dedicated to how you could use it for magic. Green Witch Tarot would be well suited too. :)

Holly doll

Totally agree with Scarlett - Book of Shadows As Above is great, So Below - not so much, for variety something like Silver Witchcraft Tarot by Barbara Moore, Sacred Circle is an oldie but a goodie - Anna Franklin (co-creator) now has a new Pagan deck, have a look at The Witches Tarot by Dugan - her Wheel of the Year is beautiful...

What you could do is maybe mix a few decks together to create your own deck using different characteristics that draw you, rather than using a single deck.

Lucas Prince of Cats

Thanks! NAd as for the art style, I like something like the alchemical decks (the color, lines, shape, and all, but with some more detail, and I also do like the witches tarot (perhaps a too wiccan centric?) art style. I'll look a little more into it. See if ti fits well with me. Fantastical creatures looks beautiful! I'm not feeling towards green witch

Holly doll

Have a look at Pagan Ways Tarot, Alchemy 1977 can be interesting too. Any deck can be used, it's all about the intent behind things, or elements required. I use a Crystal Visions Tarot at times, at others the Sacred Circle, or As Above - it depends on the time of the year or sabbat etc. Happy looking - there are heaps of great decks :)


Robin Wood is Wiccan-based. The Magician and the Priestess are the vessels of the Horned God and the Goddess, the Empress is Mother Earth, according to the book.

The Aces and Court cards are the most gorgeous representations of the four elements I know. They step right out of a fourfold fantasy land, great for elemental spells.

Th book would be very valuable for you because she goes into every single choice she made about each card right down to small details inspired by Wicca. Colour is very important to her, and the colours of the smallest details like the hems of sleeves or ribbons in hair have magical significance. Where there is silver she often balances it with gold for the God and Goddess, etc. Characters wear athames and use wands topped with specific crystals to ground and balance. I didn't pick up on these details until I read the book.

I think this would be an excellent deck for magic.


Weird suggestion, but i use Golden Tarot of Klimt for ritual spells. Really mysteriously works hahaha


Not wiccan! Just adding that I think I saw posted that the Glastonbury Tarot is good for this. And I agree with Aeric on the Robin Wood, a specifically wiccan deck. If you can find her book, by all means get that.


Tarot of the old path. The Farrars and Margot Adler helped in creating this deck.

If just for general (Jungian) archetypes in spellwork I'd go for the good old RWS.

Any goddess/god oracle deck could be helpful in deity work as well. Good luck and have fun!