a hex, and this hurting world


yesterday i spoke my first hex. i don't know what came over me. it was conscious in the sense that i was careful what i said, and that i paused quite a bit before posting it (on facebook, nonetheless!!) and it wasn't because - well because at another time, under other circumstances, i wouldn't have done it that way, and on facebook. in a response to the use of freddie mercury's "we are champions" at a certain convention, what i hoped was that people who were going to vote for a certain candidate were going to forget about voting for him and instead turn into ardent supporters of gay marriage. it was tongue in cheek, there was no malevolence (other than towards the freedom to vote a certain way), it was not directed at a certain person - nevertheless, it was a hex. i don't know what to make of it. any thoughts?

it all came out of feeling so acutely what this world is going through, and it doesn't seem to stop. i have always been able to separate myself enough from the hurt of others, and now it is starting to get to me. i feel like i want to band together with other peaceful spiritual warriors, and maybe this post is a start ...


I can't comment much on 'hex'.

But, I think everyone in this world is hurting, consumed with fear, and consumed with uncertainty.

I think this is showing through our political changes throughout the world.

When we are consumed with fear some lash out.. and in a form of lashing out certain people might vote for representatives of their country to play out the form of response they seek.

I can't say which way is right truly. In America we are facing one of the hardest decisions from my perspective.

I never had such an issue of choosing the lesser 'evil.' Hillary and Donald's history is different but similar enough to be hard to choose which one to take a punch for.

When I was younger the church my family went to use to say that "Having faith in one human to change the world is like Worshiping God." In all honestly it is because one human cannot change the world and to put our whole faith into a political leader to make major changes is pretty foolish (not directed at you or anyone.)

But, I can understand why these 'hex' thoughts (however you define it) went through your mind and why you wanted to speak out.

But, I do have to also say... what we are going through has a similar theme that almost every generation goes through. The events may be different and the objects used to create those events are different but this always happens.

I remember in a sociology/anthropology class I took in my undergrad we looked at the patterns of civilization. This is not uncommon...there is a constant cycle between the under class and the upper class (the two extremes)...the upper class rules for x amount of years (this is usually around 300 - 400 years) and then the lower class ends up switching places with the upper class then rules for x amount of years.

I am not saying I am a historian on any level. But, we might be in the phase of power change right now.

Just my two cent.


I posted something about the presidential candidate you are talking about Fractualgranny on my social networks and I was a little shocked at how much the Black and Hispanic community in America are hunting and worried about this. I knew their thoughts about this, but was taken aback at how much hurting and worry there is. This isn't the political section and so will leave that there but it is a hurting world with people who are very fearful of their futures.

I think you have to think about the intention of your hex FG, you weren't wishing for death or real negative outcomes for someone. You were wanting peace and for people to be more progressive in their thinking and voting. But is it okay to want politics to go your way?

I don't think it's a thing to worry about that you did or a bad thing but I don't think we can influence the vote outside of having faith and hope that love (rather than hate) will prevail. Perhaps sending out positive messages of peace and love and of a coming together (I know that sounds really hippyish but it is what I have been doing!) is the best thing to be doing from a spirituality viewpoint.


Perhaps sending out positive messages of peace and love (I know that sounds really hippyish but it is what I have been doing!) is to best thing to be doing from a spirituality viewpoint.

This is what I believe, too. I don't target anyone or anything - I just send love waves out there :) and I try to give love and peace energy to everyone I meet.



I think its important to remember that everyone comes from different places and has different beliefs and points of views. Putting a hex on people/groups that differ from your opinion seems very self centered and counter productive.

If you want to make a difference send out love, not curses.

ETA...it seems contradictory to say you want peaceful warriors with you but state you performed a hex. Maybe our definitions of a hex differ...I always thought a hex was a negative energy spell. I could be wrong...if I am, I apologize.


thanks for your thoughts.

it's a hex in the sense that i am wishing something on someone without their consent, and something that they would not wish. that's not a good idea at all. now that i think of it, it appears that i need to work on adding to/changing it. what if someone wished on me that i, say, make a large donation of money to a religious organization that expressly forbids the ordination of women? that would be an equivalent.

this all comes out of the deep sorrow for what is happening in our world. for me, staying apolitical is not the answer and praying for peace is not enough, at least not the way i do it. but i feel lonely in this as a pagan-christian-buddhist. sigh. maybe i should see what starhawk is up to, or other people of that ilk.

is this about differing different points of view? i don't know. is stoning women who have been raped about different points of view? one person thinks it's ok, the other thinks it's not? it seems to me that some of what's going on is on a similar level. as bishop desmond tutu said, "if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. if an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality."

is this just history repeating itself? my parents went through the nazi times ... yes, of course, part of me was hoping that by moving to canada i would escape all of this. but here we are. it really appears to me that we are on the brink of something very large. one politician said the other day that they would not hesitate to detonate a nuclear bomb. this horrifies me. what is happening with climate change deeply, deeply disturbs me. the fact that so many politicians have no problem going against solid scientific findings scares me. but i can't stay with that fear ...

ok. so. i will apologize for that hex and work on changing it. and i need to find ways to deal with my fear and sorrow ...


My thoughts are that you are human with human emotions!
You reacted to something that has been upsetting you for a long time and that's fine by me.
Unless of course you are a Saint and if so shame on you!
Are you a Saint??

Yes it is a Hex. It's "manipulating" people opinions/actions/views but it wasn't for your own personal agenda. It was for a greater good.
Your intention was good so I believe you should forgive yourself and let it go.
Hexes are seen as "evil" become people use them for evil deeds. It isn't what you intended to do.
Learn and move on I say xxx


I feel your pain - and I feel as hurt and frightened as you, Fractal G. But in the end, we change the world one person at a time, and as someone said earlier, one person cannot change the world.

But if you pass love on to every person you meet, and then they do that to others because they are inspired, then eventually, word gets around! I do think there are other parts of the world that are changing, too. Many young people - especially, it seems, the hip-hop crowd - are into yoga and chanting and world peace in a big way. :) so maybe that will help change things! (see below for example and inspiration!)



I understand how you feel, fg. I really do.

Though I am confused....is Trump anti-gay marriage? I've never heard this. There are MANY things that he is "anti" about but I didn't think gay marriage was one of them??

ETA..Just did a little googling. It appears he formerly was against (2000) and now seems more accepting but kind of wishy washy/meh about it. Hmmmmmmmmm.


That's exactly what has people fearing him. He doesn't take a stand on anything, only selling himself. And people believe him!

@EmpressArwen - He's changed his mind about soooo many things..

Eta: I hope we are talking about the same people that Fractalgranny is! :bugeyed: If not please disregard..