A Little Lift


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I'm going to a Despacho Ceremony this weekend, and thought I'd do a bit of research before I go. In searching the web, I came across this video:

I've been feeling a bit depressed/overwhelmed by life lately, and this really lifted my spirits. Hope it does the same for you too. :heart:


AJ said:
Your link isn't clickable, google brings back these options

Which is it? I love to be up lifted a lot :)

I had an epiphany this week. I'm still stunned by it and am trying to verbalize it in my brain and heart so I can share it here. Everyone always has such great add-on ideas!

Hugs bodhran and offers her the very last banana popcycle...
Let's try this one:
Yum.... I LOVE banana popcicles!
I hope you can put your thoughts to words my friend.:heart:

Briar Rose

bodhran, today I cried because of the happiness this video you sent. It is a powerful message.

I am now looking within to help with healing out- to the world. In smalls steps I try. It did indeed my friend, lifts my spirits.

I hope that you find comfort in all the joy you bring to others. To most certainly you do to me.

Many blessings to you.


How wonderful, a Despacho ceremony! Do you have to take something to offer for the ceremony yourself?


(((Briar Rose:heart:)))

Milfoil, the woman who is coming to do the ceremony (it will be out in the country at my mentor's medicine wheel), will be bringing all the "official" items, but has asked us to bring anything we would like to put on the altar. I've decided to bring 4 items that represent the four elements: a candle, a tumbled stone, an owl's feather, and a seashell. The ceremony is mainly to honor the earth, and to ask for a healing solution to the oil situation. We will also be bringing our personal requests; mine will be for my daughter and several AT members here.


Thank yoiu so much!!!!

I so needed to see that today!