A new De-enabling thread for 2008


The last thread was getting very old and long so I thought it would be a good idea to have a new de-enabling thread for 2008.
The old thread can be found here: http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=30324

I just want to start by saying that this thread is meant as a FUN THREAD... We really don't want to intentionally 'dis' decks so please don't get upset if you read something about your favourite deck here that you disagree with.

As before, please stick to de-enabling.
This is NOT the place to discuss decks you love.
Posts in this thread that are NOT de-enabling will be removed.


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Oooh! Oooh! I'm first! :D Thanks Sulis for the shiny new thread!

Can someone please do something about the Russian Tarot of St Petersburg?


\m/ Kat

6 Haunted Days

I have a weird thing with this deck. Had it since 1992, but rarely if only 2x have read with it. Beautiful images but perhaps a bit cold and removed. If you're looking for a reading deck, may be the same case for you.

Also if you're interested in the book, while it's a great book on Russian history, folk customs and history, as a tarot companion there's not much there at all!! I was shocked as the book is quite thick as far as USG companion books go. But the vast majority is all about Russian history etc.


thorhammer said:
Can someone please do something about the Russian Tarot of St Petersburg?
I wasn't too successful at this the first time I tried it (actually convinced the guy to get the deck he wanted to be de-enabled from!), but my gripe about this deck is that while the artwork is lovely, the images are so small relative to the size of the card. I swear the border must take up close to half of each card! If you see a picture of the front of the box, the picture in the little keyhole is only a little bit smaller all around than the picture on the actual cards.


Miss Divine

Can someone please de-enable me from buying the Mystic Faeries Tarot?
I keep looking at the scans, and the reviews say it's a very good deck. I really like the look of the cards.
So... anyone capable of de-enabling me?



Re: Mystic Faery Tarot

It is a beautiful deck, but I'm not finding it easy to just use. It has little faery tales to go with each suit which are easy enough to remember, but the cards' meanings are really not obvious. I find myself having to go back to the book a lot. And while it is pretty, the colors are really subdued, and the cards are maybe a bit lacking in energy- so it isn't the best deck, necessarily, for a strong, potent reading.

But it is pretty. (And I love it. Sorry.)


The Mystic Faerie Deck...

I don't have it and the reasons I didn't buy it when it came out (apart from the fact that I have enough tarot decks to be going on with) are these:

The artwork is lovely but don't you think they look just a tad like greetings cards and not like a tarot deck at all?
The colours come from a very limited palet so if you use colours in your readings or even like to look to see if the cards are moving from light to dark or dark to light, it's pretty impossible.
The Magician looks about 10 and he also looks as if his arms have been broken.
Do you really need ANOTHER fairy deck when there are wonderfully deep ones around like The Tarot of The Sidhe and The Fey Tarot?
The 'mermaids' or water spirits (or whatever they are) are not shown IN the water and they are wearing T-shirts.....

Enough said.
You don't need it.


Miss Divine said:
Can someone please de-enable me from buying yhe Mystic Faeries Tarot?
I keep looking at the scans, and the reviews say it's a very good deck. I really like the look of the cards.
So... anyone capable of de-enabling me?


OK, while I agree with autumnsdaughter that some of the cards are beautiful - I traded mine away pretty quickly. I'd rather just get a couple prints and frame them. The deck just doesn't read very well. The stories for each minor arcana are what interested me before buying it, but once I had it the stories kind of limited you too much IMO. And I just couldn't get over the mermaids in Cups having so many clothes on. Why would mermaids, who swim all the time, obviously *LOL*, have shirts on? Wouldn't that just get in your way and chafe all the time? *ROFL* AND each mermaid card has the mermaids on LAND!! How silly is that? The whole cups minor arcana just doesn't make sense to me!
So save your money and get some of the beautiful prints, but pass on the deck!! :)


Mystic Faeries...
well, If you are allergic to pastels, then this is NOT the deck for you!

When I first looked thorough it, I thought that...with the exception of a few lovely Majors...that there was a sort of sameness to many of the images.

In other words...a lot of the pentacle cards look almost identical, as well as the swords, and a few of the cups...except for some subtle differences in the image, which you have to understand from the story that accompanies each suit.

It takes some work, some getting used to...and a good eye.

Miss Divine


All three of you successfully de-enabled me:)
Now I'm thinking about getting the Fey tarot, and nope I'm not even going to attempt asking ya to de-enable me from that one. Does it always come in a set, or deck alone too? And, is the book nessecary?

Another one I was considering was the Jane Austen's tarot. Can't find a link to all the card scans, so I don't know.