A new de-enabling thread


nisaba said:
2) Yes, Emmsma, it has cruddy cardstock. Why, I'll bet if you flicked each card into a fire, not a single one of them would escape unscathed. They're not waterproof or blender-proof, either.
:bugeyed: OH.................MY..............GOD !!!!

nisaba said:
3) Cat people are nowhere near as interesting as real cats.
Excuse me ???? })


emmsma said:
There is a Tarot of the Cat People ...

I took a quick browse expecting something along the lines of the covers for Bill Fawcett's Guardians of the Three series. (artist: Steve Assel) I shall de-enable myself by holding out for a deck featuring Talwe, Sruss & Reswen.


emmsma said:
You are all wonderful people. I'm really liking this place.

Not only did I not purchase that deck, I am removing it from the wish list.

Fab job de-enabling!
Fab job de-enabling, all! :D



IMO there's only one NA deck worth having, and it isn't this one.

Oh, I bought it. It's so fluffy bunny cutesy tootsy that it's bound to not offend anyone! unless they are Native American

Really useless, lots of renamings of trumps for no reason etc. Get a real deck!

(No, I'm not gonna tell which NA deck I think is worth having, and don't bother looking at my profile, because IT'S GONE. That's what I think of NA decks!)


nisaba said:
<sigh> It'd have to be. Just how many more white-person-created "Native American" Tarots is there room for?
And me an Australian, an' all <grinning at Sravana>.


hippiewitchie said:
It's a rather inexpensive deck
Are you sure it's not just calling to you because it's inexpensive?

And don't forget: no matter how little money you might spend on this deck, it's still one you don't need. Listen to nisaba and sravana!


3) Cat people are nowhere near as interesting as real cats.

Excuse me ????

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It *was* in that worthiest of causes, de-enabling, you understand.

(and have you ever met a boring cat?)


Okay, after all my assistance with everybody else's de-enabling, I finally need help myself.

I've been looking at the Light and Shadow Tarot (which is on my wishlist) today and already have put it in my shopping cart. I haven't bought it yet, but have left it in the cart... :|

Here's what I like about it:
- black and white
- linocut
- large cards
- seems to be aesthetically pleasing as well as having a solid tarot background

Please tell me what I won't like!

ETA: Oh, and while you're at it, can you de-enable me from the Tarot of the Secret Forest, too?

I like:
- pretty colors!
- nature-themed!
- two versions of the cards!

So, What's wrong with it?