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Le Fanu said:
Ive read Snuffin and I still don´t know anything about the Kabalah...

I think the basic premise of Thoth is that you´ll never really understand it anyway (isn´t that the whole point?). So why spend more money and still end up where you started?

Or, put it another way, the position you are in now of thinking you don´t understand Thoth is the same position any normal person is after studying Thoth for 20 years. They´ve just spent more than you on books...

That sounds more Zen than Kabalah
but is the best point to start not Al's book and then see where you get???


And about the Snuffin book: I haven't really read it, yet, but from skimming through it doesn't seem to offer much different information than the DuQuette. If anything it has less information altogether, judging from their respective font sizes, amounts of white space, and altogether thickness. I'm not sure that less information equals easier understanding, though, because my experience with the DuQuette was that I wanted more information than the very superficial surface scraping of all the many sub-subjects (e.g. astrology, Qabalah, numerology, alchemy, etc.) that the Thoth references...

In short: I don't think you need the Snuffin. Especially not if you haven't already tried to go with the DuQuette/Book of Thoth/Thoth deck combination.


Ow. :(

I like salmon usually.

The Quester is evil. Promise :D Don't ANYONE buy it. You must admit I done good on that one up the thread somewhere. A real and heartfelt de-enable that was. With added LEARNING !


Snuffin - sadly, I do not have Duquette to compare, but I can say this - I take the Thoth, Snuffin and BoT with me everywhere. I'm about to ditch the Snuffin. It's superfluous, trust me.

BoT is where it's at.​

\m/ Kat


jackdaw* said:
I know NOTHING about Qabalah.

I'd definitely give the Snuffin book a miss then. He assumes a knowledge of Qabalah which made it useless for me. duQuette is fabulous and I'd get Chicken Qabalah before anything else. I enjoyed the humour in it. I haven't had much luck with BoT myself but found duQuette and the Thoth forum enough. Save your money, get a second deck instead......oops, just kidding. Just save your money! :D


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Just to get Raistlin in preparation - no-one needs the USG dragons - right ? Or the Deviant Moon.

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Queen of Pentacle

title please

This is one of the most interesting thread,
and sure the only de-enabling one in this so "enabling" website
especially in these economical crisis times...

But it is very hard to fellow answers and comments, as many don't take time to put the name of the deck they're talking or commenting in the title bar.

Some times, one have to read full pages just to know what a specific answer refer to...
So, i have a suggestion, if I may: if you could just take the time to mention the deck name in the title, it would be so much easier to refer to your (often very interesting comments)...

Thanks in advance.



Sorry, QOP, guess I'm guilty of that too.....