A new de-enabling thread


nisaba said:
Don't look at me for help. I find the best way to not buy decks is to run out of money.

So ...

Run out of money.
Ouch. Perhaps if I just run out of money for deck buying? A large part of my problem is a substantial Paypal balance. :bugeyed:
cardlady22 said:
Re: Lisa Hunt
My friend, you need the kind of help that I am unequal to! Drat that Greenwood vs Wildwood thread . . .

Ummmm, it switches suit elements . . . nope, that's lame.

Strange & bizarre Goddesses of De-enabling, your daughters summon thee with trembling, button-clicking fingers!
Yes! Where is Mags when you need her???
sapienza said:
I don't have either of these decks and after having a look at the scans of the Fantastical Creatures I'm damn sure I'll never have that one. It's kind of pretty in a 'new age greeting card' sort of way, but I can't imagine actually using it as a tarot deck...
As for the Fifth Tarot....well, it's kind of not a tarot, given the whole fifth suit thing. Also I have a bit of trouble with the 'fire, shells, feathers, stones and lotus' thing.....do you really have time for this deck??? Sounds like it would need quite a lot of your undivided attention.
Greeting cards... pretty pretty greeting cards.... mmmMMMmmm.
Of course I wouldn't read with it! But still...
5th: undivided attention? My attention is already so divided that I can't imagine taking on one more thing.
MysticalMoose said:
Hmmm Fantastical Creatures?....well... I have looked thru this one as my friend has it & its extremely beautiful....but...it's beautiful in the same way as Animals Divine & I just CANNOT read with the AD it seems rather vague & to me the images are more an oracle than tarot so that has been enough to put me off buying it.
Perhaps I should re-think this deck. After all, I call the Shapeshifter the "Shapesh!tter". Because I don't like the art.
gregory said:
The Fifth Tarot.

Let's put it this way. I have it. I opened it. I put it away. It has been in the house three weeks or something and I haven't felt the SLIGHTEST need to get it out again so I can't even tell you what it was that disinspired me. I think that's the first time a deck has left me that cold. Even the Charmed fascinated me enough that I get it out occasionally to take another look....
Ouch. Okay, that's it - I'm not going to even put the 5th on my wishlist.

And while I'm at it:

:party: BLUE DRESS!!! BLUE DRESS!!! BLUE DRESS!!!!! :party:
Aerin said:
Well, it's pretty as an oracle but you won't read with it.

Okay, you guys are right. I have absolutely no reason to buy this deck, either.

I'm off to play with my Greenwood... :)

Le Fanu

sravana said:
After all, I call the Shapeshifter the "Shapesh!tter". Because I don't like the art

I loved this! :D :D :D


There are currently two versions of Tarot of the Master in my shopping cart, il Meneghello and Lo Scarabeo. Please help. I probably only really need one, right?


Manda said:
There are currently two versions of Tarot of the Master in my shopping cart, il Meneghello and Lo Scarabeo. Please help. I probably only really need one, right?
Okay, here's the skinny.

1) The LS has ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS GREEN BORDERS. Unbelievably awful. Did I say that the borders are awful? I cannot express how awful those borders are! I don't know who was in charge of choosing the color for the border, but it makes the colors in the image look really washed out. But you can trim them off. Of course, if you trim them off, then the completely awful back (which is a mono-tone of the bagat card) will be even more awful, because it will be off center.

2) The Meneghello has their heavy non-laminated cardstock. Perhaps that's inappropriate for use, I don't know. IMO, the colors of the Meneghello are GARISH in comparison with the delicate coloring of the LS (which, of course, is completely washed out by the borders). The lines in the printing aren't as delicate (as my Del Solleone version is... I have an extra one)... as the LS is - they are thick and heavy (IIRC - I could be remembering wrong). I had one, and didn't keep it.

3) LS has good cardstock, good lamination, will hold up to heavy use, and has HIDEOUS GREEN BORDERS WITH AWFUL KEYWORDS.

4) Who knows what in heaven's name the system of this deck is? (how's that for alcohol-enhanced grammar! No more wine for me!) It makes no sense. It's worse than the Minchiate in the minors. It's all "WTF"???

5) You can go to the about.com website and download all the images and color them yourself. Have an adventure!

6) You can buy the completely OOP and HTF Del Solleone Vachetta from me, and have something no-one else has! (it's b/w)



I have recently been informed that many, many Tarot Decks, almost all old favorites, are also produced in something called Pocket Size. Can this really be true. Are there pitfalls, disappointments, to dissuade ; or de-enabling to hope for. . .

Do I need to buy a copy of the TdM in this Pocket Size? Can I be saved from a horrible fate?



conversus, they do fit in your pocket, but they're too small to see. They're like little jokes.


Okay... let's see if I can be de-enabled from these...

As I just said in another thread: ''At some point I'm going to get Legacy of the Devine (mass marked edition), no doubt the Shadowscapes (simply because it's gorgeous), a spare Deirdre (it's my current favorite), the Rumi (if people keep making me more and more curiuos about it), the Truthseeker's (because those majors are STUNNING) and the Sweet Twilight (looks stunning too).''

No need to try to de-enable me from the Deirdre though. That's already too late. But the others.... Is it possible?



They're all lavish, they're all lush, most of them feature saturated colour - they are plebeian, vulgar and aimed at the lowest common denominator. I thought you had the intelligence to looke beyond superficial marketing ploys like that!

(Hey! I must remember that! If I'm not careful I'll de-enable *myself* here!)


Debra said:
They're like little jokes.

Not to resist too strongly, but I guess I'd need to ask if they are bad jokes. The Universal Waite comes in a great box, too.


Honestly, conversus, if you have a smallish deck that's easy to carry with you, that's all you need. (One.)