A new de-enabling thread


I wholeheartedly agree with Avalonion, my dining room & lounge have been overtaken with breeding-bookcases :bugeyed:


I wonder if photos of Too Many Decks fighting for Room on the Shelf would be de-enabling?


How 'bout the price ?! A Sauder 5 shelf bookcase for $90+ AND it's reconstituted. If there is a flood, it will dissolve into a soggy mess. If there's a fire, you can expect major poisoning from the treatment chemicals.


Bohemian Gothic

The thing about this deck is that it's confusing to read. It's dark. Nothing is happy, cheerful, positive.....it's All Dark. So what are you going to say in a reading?
"Your mother will find the corpse of your brother partially mummified in the kitchen pantry next to the flour bin, and a zombie child you once loved will ride away on a white ghost-like horse. Oh, and by the way, your sister will take up with a Vampire who will drain her and throw her away...and that house you want to buy? Don't. It's haunted by a demoness."

Hello? Where does it keep the good news? Do you read it reversed, and how much reversed? Your house still burns down, but the dog makes it out alive?

It's a beautiful deck, no question, but what can you do with it beyond the grimly pretty pictures? And what if you're depressed? O this deck will be a great help in finding your way out of that maze.

And if you buy it claiming that I talked you into it in this de-enable Gregory will flog you to death with a noodle and Debra will force you into a Library at cruller-point and I will hypnotize you into reading only with "the Caring Psychic Family" deck In Public for a minimum of 6 months.

You Have Been Warned. You can avoid this shameful fate.


avalonian said:
Um, no. I have card decks in open bookcases in the living room as well as in my bedroom, when I say they don't see the light of day I mean they don't come out of their boxes (or bags) often enough. The trouble is, they do sort of mount up without you noticing once you get started. The little bit of the shelf on the bookcase reserved for decks gradually expands to take up the whole shelf. Then somehow they take over the whole bookcase. Then you buy another bookcase, and another. Then a taller one. Then a chest of drawers. Then you run out of room in the house, there are no remaining spaces in which to put new bookcases.

It's almost like they breed overnight. I look fondly back at the days when I thought six decks were five too many.

It's no good working out a budget by the way unless you've also worked out a budget for storage. Followed by a budget for moving house to one with more walls against which one can place bookcases.

:) :) :)
Mine have their own room, which they kindly share with the computer and tarot books. There's a path through the room. :bugeyed: And they still keep multiplying.


magpie9 said:
There's a path through the room.

Now you sound like some teenagers I know!


I am going to be The Voice Of Reason.

BoGo - Come on, be honest. You only want it because everyone else has it (I had it, couldn't see what even half the fuss was about, and sold it). It's what all the cool kids are reading with :rolleyes: and you're not like that, are you? Not a follower? Trust me, it's only hard to get because of the hype, and not worth the effort it takes to get now.

DMoon - Oh, I wanted to love this. But USG spoiled what should have been a masterpiece, with their TACKY presentation. It's a Disappointment, in the sense that it came so close to being great and missed by just enough to make it . . . really crap. It's plastic and one-dimensional and impossible to get inside. Again, I had it, trimmed it, traded it.

DarkG - The artwork is shoddy. I know I've said that before, but it's true in this case (as it was in all the rest :D). The thing is, it was almost very atmospheric and spooky and cool, but the rough lines and brushstrokes really ruined it. It's just a bit off-centre from where it tried to be. And, like magpie said, it's all dark. There isn't anything good that comes of this deck, trust me ;)

\m/ Kat


Debra said:
I wonder if photos of Too Many Decks fighting for Room on the Shelf would be de-enabling?
Nope. I tried that when people asked where I stored mine..... they just got all excited that there were ways to store so many..... and started discussing wicker chests and so on.


I am apologising in advance for this ok?........*looks furtive*


I love the Bohemian Gothic })




How could you? :eek: And on This thread! You know that on this thread you have to keep your love affairs in the dark. Very very dark. Dark like the back of the closet. :mad:
I am remanding you to gregory for punishment. She'll fix you and your little dog, too })