A new deck idea, or possible new tool...


This thought came into my brain just as Iwoke up this morning!
(I love when that happens!)

The idea began as a thought about the candleholders I had just made the night before....
I had taken small glass votive holders, and painted tarot card designs on them with an opaque paint, and then scratched off certain areas and painted them in with a transparent glass paint, so that the light would show through!

So I started thinking about painting tarot cards on glass...and leaving areas open on each card that were transparent...

Enabling the reader to "look through" the card for further inspiration, or to help with the reading.

One could hold up the card, and take into account any images from the surroundings that appear in the "windows"
of each card.

The pagan in me, thought also about holding the card up to each of the four quarters, to get further visual information.

Of course, glass would probably, in the long run, be a difficult medium to play with, so I considered acetate, or heavy clear pastic transparencies...

And then, my thoughts spiraled onto another idea....If each card has only dark outlines of figures..(and maybe even if it doesn't...)then it could be used in conjunction with another deck!

Placing the transparent cards on another set...perhaps one with a dense imagery, would give a reader different information as well, seeing both the image on the top card, and the symbolism of the images comming throught the open '"widows" from the bottom card.

Just a strange idea...now I want to find me some acetate, and start creating!


What a WONDERFUL idea!

Especially the outline-idea. Getting the size right to fit many different decks might be a bit of a puzzle, but I could actually see it getting done!

Keep me informed, please, Chronata? :)


Its a very nice idea!! I like it and I love painted and stained glass.
Sounds very interesting having little "windows" on the cards to look through them, this would make a very special deck.
And you always can do some in glass to meditation and decoration means, but definitively this ones are not good to shuffle...

Major Tom

I like the idea

Acetate might just be the right material presuming you can find a good thickness....

Do let us see what you come up with. :)