A *new* idea from the "Celtophile"!


This is a *truly* all-Celtic deck, entirely pre-Christian, too (with the possible exception of 1 card). Actually, the idea isn't new, strictly speaking - I've had it bouncing around for awhile, but now that I know positively what form it should take, I'm really beginning to work on it! It is going to be a deck comprised of colored-pencil drawings of ancient Celtic relics. I've often wondered what a truly "purist" Celtic deck would look like, so now I'm going ahead with the idea! :)

I am also truly going to great lengths (bending around my butt!!) to get a start on that Holographic thing. Got a model to shoot today, in fact! So much for my ideas, sorry for the switch in subject!

Red Emma

pre-Christian Celtic deck

I'm fascinated by the idea. Will you let us follow along on your adventure?

About the holographic reference, I feel as if I've picked up a book with the first page missing.


That's because postings on the holographic deck was broken into 3 or 4 different threads, not all contained in one. You have to check under Danubhe's name in the column to find them all.


I like that signature line! ^

Anyway, yeah, I had this whole celeb thing that was copyright infringement, then there was more infringement with the rest of the photography, so basically after hours & hours of work, I am back at square 1. At least you could say I've had *plenty* of practice!

The drawings (for the other one) will be up as soon as I have anything to show. Finding Majors was relatively easy; finding Court cards is proving to be well-nigh impossible! :( Well, I'll keep trying...


If you can draw at all, remember that 'parody' or cartoon is not going to be called to task under the copyright rules--unless you're doing a cartoon of a regular cartoon, say Disney or Warner Brothers--cartoons of cartoons are too close to the line. So by sticking to parody, you can draw something recognizable & be in the clear on it.

The next deck I'm working on will have some scenes from well known movies/tv shows -- an X-File card for one, and a nod to Little Shop of Horrors on another. I'm ok on copyright with those because they do fall under the parody category & don't actually feature humans, I'm not trying to do the art with realism.



...this is rather a serious & ponderous type of deck. However, fine art is fine art. I just don't think I have to worry, really! ;)