A note about the Faery Seekers Circles


To those who have been partaking of these circles...I just wanted to say how awe-inspiring these exercises and opportunities have been.

Having a chance to read each and every post from the last two games...I was just struck with how amazing, thoughtful, truthful, and insightful everyone has been when they listen to the faeries.

The word that comes to mind immediately...of all of you here is...


I don't know if everyone who is fascinated by Frouds depictions...or finds themselves drawn into the Otherworld finds this well of strength and grace and empathy in themselves...but every reading here seems to have a healthy pixie dusting of it.

I was pulling from a different oracle yesterday...the Tao oracle...
and I drew a card called "Holding Together".

Among the meanings is the idea of Harmonious intergration...and that an individuals commitment and involvelment matches the intensity of the participation...everyone wins by shedding Ego and finding the genuine spirit of Goodwill to make the union whole, interconnected and integrated...

this reminded me so much of what we are doing here.

And I am so delighted to see participants here who are connecting with the fae for the first time! Like Mooncat, Tmgrl, Mercyme, and Tsukiyono...I find thier readings to be incredibly open and tuthful...as if they have been reading with the fae forever!
I love Tmgrl's stream of conciousness style...Mercyme's ingenuity and courage for tackling the fae that stand on thier heads (and reading them reversed!) Mooncat's precise and wonderful wording...and tsukiyono's fabulous interpretation skills!

I also love the way rosered writes out her thoughts so clearly and perfectly! And Namaste's readings ring with pure Wisdom, Ncefacn's ring with such Honesty and Truth.And TA 's readings are flawlessly organized! (not easy to do with the fae around me!)

And my friends Elf, lark, and faeryGodmother...well...I have my suspicions that they are all true faeries...sneakily pretending to be human! It's wonderful to read how well they connect to the Faerie realm.

And others...I am eagerly awaiting to read the fae musings of SongDeva and Skydancer...and everyone else who is just joining these circles!

Thank you everyone for such inspiring conversations!


Chronata...I have to agree. The Faeries' Oracle, which I just got yesterday, is quite the deck!

I found myself identifying with the figures easily...and I loved it when B. Froud said to put the book away until you become familiar with the cards.

It was funny today, because I did have to look up the "name" on a couple of the cards I drew since I couldn't read the script on the card....but after that, it was quite freeing.

I have a feeling I will be using this deck, as I use my Le Tarot Mystique, as perhaps an "extra" draw during a live reading.

I didn't expect to like it so much. I also wasn't planning to read with it immediately, and then, next thing I knew elf had me paired up....I thoroughly enjoyed Mercy's reading for me...and am now backing up to read other readings in the Circle....




You are so wonderful to write what you wrote about all of us!
You forgot to add your own name to the list and talk about your own lovely gifts. Yakmuse wants me to add that you are quite remarkable yourself and that you offer the most delicious treats to your Fae.

Whatever is he talking about????


It was a pleasure to read your posting. :) I feel like I have learned a lot just from participating in the last circle and reading through the other postings here. I am most definitely looking forward to learning more in the future!


You are a sweetheart Robyn. :*
I wish I could have played with the fairies this week too, but I was sewing my fingers off for a festival I'm reading at Saturday.
So maybe next week.
I missed it though.
Indi has been keeping me company most of the week and everytime I wander over to the computer and get involved in reading the Fairie Readings he goes "tisk" "tisk" aren't you supposed to be sewing?

Thank you elf for being our faithful leader! :)



Thank you .....I am inspired by what I read here and both the Circle and the faeries are carrying me into a whole new world.
I've actually had my Fae for three years , I'm ashamed to say and never really connected.
I'm discovering the time hasn't been right until now...what an adventure!


A small reading for the Seekers Circlers...

What are we coming together to learn in the Faery Seekers Circles:
The Piper-24
Ahhh. Such sweet, clear, high notes.
Pure tones. And the wind rustling the leaves and all of us gathering in the shade of the Oaks.
Every person who has come to the Circle, to read cards, to read the posts, to share in whatever way, has been touched by the simple and pure desire to share. Chronata put it the best-empathy. We seek to understand and share with each other. To touch and be touched. To listen to the music that is played and the music between the notes :) and come away fuller and yet lighter.

I should have just listened to Chroni!
She was talking to the Piper already!!!


:D Oh, those Faeries!!

Can you believe it - The Piper was my card for today!

Thank you, elf - that is lovely.


Chronata said:
And my friends Elf, lark, and faeryGodmother...well...I have my suspicions that they are all true faeries...sneakily pretending to be human!...

Quick lets hide! Our secret is out! ROFLMAO :D:D:D:D:D:D

(((((((((Chronata)))))))))), it is lovely of you to say that. But don't forget what a wonderful reader you are!

I'm so sad I missed circle 5, but hopefully won't miss any more! this is way to much fun.

much love