A queston about what I can put into my text?


II know that quotes must get permission - at least I think so! - but if I were to list song titles, would I need permission to publish just the title? I think I read somewhere that just the titles are OK.


The titles are ok, music magazines and newspaper listings put those out all the time. It's the words that require permission because that's the body of the song.


how about famous quotes? Say I grabbed a Bartletts and just picked one quote for each card... do you have to get permission for such? or are they public domain types of things?


I'm pretty sure Bartlett's is OK...

...but other writers? *That's* what *I'll* have to watch, but I do have part done, like I said, & am going to try paraphrasing. I will get back to you about the deck &c.! :D