A Riddle Trapped in an Enigma.


Okay, readers.. I have a question. I need some help, but here's what I need you to do for me. If you could.. please do a reading for me. I know that seems a lot, especially since I am going to NOT ask a question. I'm at a crossroads, and I need some general advice.. :) And I want another reader to do it.. to kinda give me a looksee at what's out there.. Thanks :) Whomever does this for me, I owe a reading to ya :)


hi magnwa,
your question was asked quite a while ago, but no one else has answered you so i thought i would, unfortunately i can't find my karma cards which I find excellent to discover what the querants question is, but i'll do a reading anyway. you say you're at a cross roads so i'll make the reading in the sign of a cross, or plus sign, the left for where you've been, hanged man ( been feeling hung up on something, stuck, repressed unable to... make a decision obviously), the lower one for the hidden, what you can not see consciously, your hidden desire 8 of wands, to have more power, more ability to make things happen burst out; above, your conscious desire:priestess upsidedown, you want to learn things or teach what you've been learning in your life, the goddess the side of the feminine that isn't always heraled in western culture,
the garden woman's power and depth; where you're going/ought to go for the most good:6 of discs , meld heart and hands,,, work with the earth or bring a bit of heaven down to earth. it probably would be best to do something practical that can have an obvious effect easily seen/felt.
thanks for the chance to do a reading, hope this gives you a bit to think about,
sorry for my short descriiptions