a simple timeline--


Hi, after tons of study and hunting down threads i would like to know if i have this simple timeline correct.

1400(around) visconti decks. several decks with the name visconti emerged in Italy.
1470 the mentegna deck
1500 (?) sola busca deck.
1660 the first Marseilles (noblet) appeared and became the name for many decks made in that area.
1689 the swizz 1jj deck appeared.
1725 bologna tarot
1783 etteilla tarot deck
1909 waite.

Would you agree with my list or have i been taken to mistaken resources. thank you...


I like the idea of a simple bumper-sticker timeline (mapped out) that people can grasp quickly:

1300-1400s --arrival from Arabia and first tarot

1500-1600s --trumps added in Italy

1700s-1800s --esoteric use in France and England

1900s-2000s --RWS and diffusion in America