A spiritual daily practice?


The one time I tried morning drumming, my neighbour was pounding on my door after about 10 minutes. 'What's with the bangin'??' he wanted to know, in a thick brummy accent. 'It's 7.30 in the morning! You woke me up!' So ironic, as i was actually chanting for world harmony. So now I'm afraid to drum. Stupid flats. I must add, I was NOT drumming loudly, it's a Remo buffalo frame drum and I had it with the side against my chest to feel the vibrations--I certainly wasn't hitting it hard.

We have a spare room (junk room) that has its walls onto the outer corridor, exterior wall and our lounge. I've been meaning to clear a spot in there to do some drumming, but it's not very conducive to a peaceful state to sit in a spare room piled with 'stuff'. (It's the hubby's collection, which he's trying to sell off, so he says...a completely different topic and source of stress for me!)


Lots of brilliant replies :D Lots of things to consider, and how we all hit the same obstacles on the way.