A spiritual symbol


I've given up writing to express my feelings and thoughts, so instead I've started to make symbols.

Here is one I originally created when I was locked up in a mental hospital in Manila:

What does the symbol mean for you? Feel free to post your opinion.

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Hi Tor, glad you made it back from the other side.

I see me with both faces on, certainly not looking at the same thing, and in a very jittery fragile containment area.

I'd love to see more, and look forward to what you were thinking when you drew this one.
Be well...


Hi AJ - thank you for replying.

What I thought of when I made the symbol, is a secret. But I have just spent 5 months in prison before 1 month in that mental hospital. I drew it on the wall of the hospital with a pen I managed to hide away. Seems like art is of importance in such places.

I'm now home in Norway in my own house. I'm neither a criminal (was in prison for overstaying visa) or a typical mental patient, so it's good to be outside those walls.

I'm schizophrenic though - and I hear voices coming from all around the world. They were in panic when I later painted the symbol (painting was much better, more powerful) because I haven't told anyone in real life what it means. Quite funny, haha.

I like that people come up with their own interpretation of the symbol. It just makes it more powerful.

I felt so strong after painting it, and today it's going up on my wall.

I'm not a skilled painter, but symbols is quite easy to paint. I've tried many times to write down how I see things, but I can never find the right words. I used to write poetry, but that doesn't go well anymore.

So why not just put everything down in one symbol?

Less is more :)


Hey Tor, glad you're back home.:) To me the "Y" is a person, the "=" a raft, the up and down lines water, and the poles/sticks on either side are oars. For me the meaning would be a person doing their best to row down a river with rapids, doing their best to stay afloat, until they could find a safe shore.
I think any creative way of expressing your feelings in art is a good thing, be it poetry, painting or symbols.:heart:


Hi Bodhi.

What a great interpretation! It's quite different from my idea, but I love your take on it :)



For me this symbol struck an emotional chord... trapped within my mind of ups and downs, not knowing of what is right or wrong or what to do or what is expected. Worry/doom... I do not matter, my voice is unheard.

This could be my own frame of mind now...really can't explain why I came up with this.



What about making your own symbol where you manifest a solution? They are very powerful.

Thanks for your input :)


Think I will give it a try! ;)


When I look at that symbol I feel trapped...inside....with no way out. Up...down...it doesn't matter...trapped. The Y makes me think of WHY????? Why to anything and everything...as in why me????? I don't get a good feeling at all from that symbol.



A very good interpretation! But remember the symbol is not intended for you :)