A spread for uncertain directions

Le Fanu

I have a reading booked for later this week and I sort of know the question since I did a quick spread last week for them but set aside an evening for something more in-depth.

Basically this person is professionally dissatisfied and wants to change direction in work but doesn't really know where / how. The question was in the vein of "what kind of direction should I go in?" Bit of a vague, indirect question I know and I'm not sure this is the best question to ask the cards.

Does anyone know of any spreads that might be useful for "what area / what direction / what do I need to know / where next in my professional life" kind of questions?

Just putting it out there in case anyone knows a really good spread that might work for this type of question.


If you have the Shadowscapes Tarot companion book (or the app; that should probably have it too), then the spread, "A Journey," by Barbara Moore might work well.


I have a detailed spread called the "Career Crossroads" spread that is aimed at querents who want to change their career path. But it assumes that the individual has one or more specific employment areas in mind, since it includes three major "collection" branches: Experiential Inputs (or what "profile" the querent brings to the table), Attitudinal Inputs, or the querent's temperamental and motivational readiness to take on the transition, and Labor Market Inputs, or relative job market health and projected availability of suitable opportunities in that area. The output arm of the spread is the Employment Opportunity outlook.

I don't think it would work well for this kind of "fishing expedition," where the querent is essentially shooting in the dark.

I have another spread called the "Decision Stream" spread for all kinds of decision-making. It's basically a four-card line with a central "decision point" card that integrates up to four pairs of pro-and-con "what if" options, and a "pivotal action" card. But again, it assumes that there are known options on the table.

Le Fanu

Thank you for both your replies. I appreciate the suggestions and, Barleywine, this really is going to be a bit of vague reading with very little to anchor it to.

lalalibra, I have the Shadowscapes app and found the spread and I think that spread is PERFECT!

Let me summarise it here in case anyone else is interested as I think it will be great for this kind of situation;

7 cards; A Journey.

cards 1-3 (to the left of the table) - what you are leaving behind / what is holding you back.

Card 4. Why
Card 5. The Star. What is guiding you?
Card 6. The Challenge
card 7. Destination

I think this will be very useful. Thank you!


Oh, how wonderful! I had actually just done the spread for myself the night before and it was a great reading. I think this is one of my favorite spreads. And since it worked well for me even without a particular focus/question, it came to mind as soon as I saw your post. Thank you for adding in the actual spread for others :)

Also, I think that even if something super specific doesn't come up for it (although it may), I think it at least gets you walking in that general direction in a really productive way. After all, part of knowing what we want is in knowing what we don't.