A Story: Ticked and Relieved (I think)


Today I did something I've been meaning to do for a while now. I went to my local "Psychic/Tarot/Palm Reader" and had my cards done. What an experience! I just had to go to see how a professional really works. I was expecting her to lay out all my cards and explain each position's meaning and the meaning the card had when placed there. She did nothing of the sort.

First off let me say that she did look the part. She was a little old lady with white hair, she looked possibly hispanic, sort of gypsy-ish I guess. In fact she looked almost exactly like the High Priestess card in the Buckland Romani Tarot.

She told me to sit in a chair across from her and get out my money. She said, "Hold the money in your hand and make 2 wishes, you tell me one and keep the other wish." Then she took the money. She spread the cards long ways, face down on the table and I picked 9 at her direction. She then laid out 2 rows of about 7 cards each.

She didn't tell me anything about them. She took the cards from my hand and started saying that I wasn't happy with my job, (who is?) that my heart had been broken 2 times (more actually) and that my husband didn't always make me happy (whose does?) and that I was meant to be lucky but someone was standing in my way (of course! It all makes sense now!)

After all this she told me that she wanted to help me to be lucky and acheive what I wanted out of life by meditating for me. She would do this for an additional fee of $280. The reading itself had cost $45 (isn't that an awful lot?) and only lasted about 10-15 minutes. Now she was a nice old lady, but no way was I giving her my credit card!

After all this I thought of all of you. I said to myself... some of the people there read for money and they have always interpreted on the forums with much more accuracy and care and insight than this woman did in person! And she is supposed to be a psychic too?!?! I wonder if she could read my mind and see that I was really ROFLMAO!?!? :D

And finally, sorry this is so long but I HAD to tell you all of it, I have decided that I am a much better reader than she is and I am making business cards for myself (taking StarShine's advice from another thread). So in the end I spent $45 dollars on a worthless reading but I gained a million dollars worth of self-confidence (not to mention gratitude and appreciation for all of you!).

Thanks 4 listening to me ramble,
Rhiannon :)


I'll recommend you! I've been to many readers, in NYC and in Argentina, and they all vary tremendously in price and quality of the readings. For the last 10 yrs I've frequented one Syrian clairvoyant who has a gorgeous office in the heart of the West Village, only charges 20$ and has always been accurate. She usually predicts three yrs out, and I know that it's mostly from her clairvoyance and not necessarily from the cards.


Great story, Rhiannon! Thanks for sharing it with us..

Well, I have never ever had my cards read by anybody other than myself in my entire life, and I was thinking deeply about getting them read... But your story has highlighted for me the fact that I need to be very careful when choosing a reader... There are so many out there who are not what we expect...

Thankyou once again, Rhiannon, and good luck with those business cards!



not all professional readers are quacks but she sounded like one for sure!

i charge $60 for my readings and i read for about 1 1/2 - 4 hours depending on what the cards and their guides tell me. if needed i teach them how to clear their chakras, meditate, ground themselves etc and it's all included. i do whatever is asked of me, by their guides during their reading. my reading isn't what they pay for, it's my time which is precious!

i don't do it for the money, i do it for the teaching aspects and my clients know that. if i don't feel they need a reading i say no and they know that i won't budge. (i ask their guides and if they say no then it's no).

i've had my cards done a few times and i have never had a good reading, not once by a professional reader. so i stick to reading for myself. :)

love and light,
ps i charge $60 for past life regressions too by the way.



what a great lesson to learn and it only cost you $45 instead of over $300!

you must be very proud of yourself and if you aren't, then pat yourself on the back now, from me :)


New River

wow! i had this very same experience a few months ago. went to a reader a few towns away just to see how a 'professional' did a reading. i was so disappointed and disillusioned. i felt Violated! i, too, was told there was negativity holding me back and was told that for $500 she could make it disappear!

what she made disappear was me! i left with renewed confidence that maybe i can do some honest good out there after all. time to come out of the tarot closet?

so maybe these 'readers' are there to help us after all! Light, New River


unfortunately, they give the readers that are not scamming a bad name :-(

but yes, they are also great lessons!



This type of thing has happened to me twice...with two different readers. It is, from discussions I've had with friends, a common scam. The "reader" will try to keep you coming back with the promise of money, helping you avoid a catastrophic illness, warding off people who are cursing you. For me the first reader promised a large amount of money. The second one said that some very evil people had cursed me and that only she could help me. Both of them said that they wanted to help me and that they didn't really charge for their services, only the "materials" such as incense, candles, etc. They both told me that if I were to tell anyone else about the reading, I'd be putting myself in jeopardy and that they wouldn't be able to help me. They both told me to never have anyone else ever read for me because the energy of other readers would cancel out anything they tried to do to help me.

With the first lady, I made a follow up appt, but never showed up. :( Naughty me. I should have just said no. But with the second one, I was rather ticked. I told her that I didn't believe her. She tried pretty hard to scare me into coming back by saying that I could get sick enough that it would either kill me or disable me because of the curse. She said that the people who cursed me had "seen her" while she was working and would now come after both of us. She would be unable to protect me if I wouldn't come back. I said NO because I didn't believe her. I told her I'd just take my chances. LOL

Anyway, these folks are out there and will go to lots of means to make a buck.



i've had around 5 readings done by a "professional" psychic. i felt they were good experiences. then there was the time i was at a "new age" bookstore. when i walked in the door, this psychic hands me her flyer saying she's there that day doing auric paintings for $20. i told her no, thank-you b/c i really wasn't in the mood. i'd recently had a bad psychic experience w/ a so called friend and i didn't want anyone playing in my brain at that time(about 15 years ago). well, she got angry and pouted and stamped around until i left. needless to say, the store owner lost business from me and the "psychic artist" lost any chance i'd change my mind.

my worst psychic experiences have been w/ intuitive friends who for whatever reasons when the friendship ended or was ending would give me a really difficult time. one lady was particular bad at turning up in my dreams and just observing me. she told me when we parted she planned to do this. later,when i recognized her, i'd get so angry i'd wake up! it may have happened b/c she suggested it to me but it did seem weird she'd show up in a dream just before she'd happen to "run" into me. i'm happy to say she's finally decided to leave me alone. i do want to clarify to my knowledge i never retaliated for what she did. i did do some grounding and protecting myself w/ white light before going to bed for several years tho to make sure. i prob need to go back to that habit. one never knows.


Crikey guys!

Some of those stories are almost unbelievable: I had no idea that there were peple out there who were THAT nasty and would go to all those lengths to get your money. I really am quite scared now!

It makes me question common human nature: How can we find the capacity in our souls to do such damage to others like that?

The story which reall shocked me was Jimilyn's: That 'reader' was basically using tried and trusted scare tactics, firstly scaring you into thinking you'll get hurt, then at a desperate measure scaring you into thinking that she would get hurt too,, and that it wouls be all your fault...

It amazes me that there are people out there who will believe what they say, and keep them in business. I feel very sorry for those people.

I don't think I could contain myself if some 'reader' told me what the rest did for you guys: I'm fairly open with my opinions and I will tell somebody if I think they're lying to me... I'd probably end up giving the 'reader' a long lecture on how I really do not believe that anybody who knows me would go to the trouble of wasting Universal energy on cursing me, and how if they did, I could cope ith it on my own, and then I'd probably read the cards they had dealt myself...

I am going to be VERY careful when looking for a reader now.

Thankyou, all of you, for sharing your experiences...