a strange phenomenon?


As I finish the paintings on a few of the majors for my deck...I began to notice an odd phenomenon that I would like to share.

I also wonder if anyone else creating a deck has had a similar experience...

As I was working on the Empress, I had an extraordinary amount of abundance come into my life, for about the time I was working on it...a week of money and opportunity and unexpected gifts.

As I worked on the Hermit, I found myself keeping everyone out, while I tried to finish it without any interruptions. No phone calls, or e-mail or dealing with my family got in the way until I was done with it.

While working on the Moon...I became frustrated, more than once...with fitful dreams (often about the painting of this card!)and changed the look of the images several times.(after about a month, I am still not quite finished with it!)

Do you see a theme here? Or is it just my overactive imagination that thinks I am experiencing the soul of each card as I complete it? Have any of you other creators had this happen to you?

I am thinking I want to work on Death next( because the image is very clear in my mind) but I am not sure if I am ready for what it will bring! (LOL!)

Anyway, just thought I needed to share this weirdness with you all!
Peace and Constant Creativity,


Sounds like you're getting in touch with Tarot on a very deep level. I'm envious of that.

If it were me, I'd explore the feelings as far as they'd let me.


Oh yes..

with every card I have had this experience and I have heard the same from other artists and authors working on tarot. I want to say that it's just our awareness of certain energies, but some of it is downright uncanny!


it's very interesting wat you observed, because I (thought) i felt it the other way around...
I would pick a card to work on, ACCORDING to the mood, or situation I was in...OR wanted to be...
For example, when I just started the deck, I did so with The Magician (as the creator of the deck). Or, just before Valentine's day last year, I did the 2 of Cups, so to get in tuned with the occasion... I did the Ace of pentacles when i wanted a fresh start in money, and so on...

ALSO, sometimes I would work on the cards that appeared frequently in my daily draws. It was a way for me to get closer to that particular card, and learn from it and about is, as "it happened"...

So, this IS a bit different that what you observed, but then, is it really?

Now I'm about to finish the deck, and believe me-I just don't want to do the 5 of Pentacles!!!!

it's amazing all the different ways the Tarot can work for us...


And here I thought I was just going crazy!

Diviner Guy...now that I know there's something to this...I intend to really explore it!

Marie...I'm glad I'm not alone in this. Strangely it seemed only to happen while I was working on the Majors...the Minors have not been dramatic, or else, I'm just not paying much attention to the energies...hmmm...I should look into this further...

M-Press...What a great idea! Now that I know these energies can manifest in this way, I should focus on what I want from the card and give that energy some direction!

I think now I'm actually looking forward to working on the Death card, and anticipating the gift it will bring me.