a tarot deck for the next millenium


For an integrated and conceptual approach to the CHAKRAS, ALCHEMY, and the TAROT DECK, all revised and expanded by me. I see this being done through a work which should bring about a new/variation on the Chakra’s and it’s use as a healing tool using a three level healing modality. Using ALCHEMY and the TAROT DECK to take it all to an amazing new level, this concept is radical and challenging. The whole collection is meant to be used in any of the following ways, it can be read and enjoyed as a work of art, you start at page one and go through to the end. Or you can focus on an issue/problem/concern you may have, then you pick a number from one to whatever, then read the verse that corresponds to that number, taking note of the sign or card it appears in.

My own designed Minor arcana for level one based on a 13 times 13 sequence. (descriptions have already been outlined and can be sent) My own designed Major arcana for level two based on a 13 times 7 sequence. (descriptions have been designed and can be sent) My own designed Astrological/Alchemical arcana for level three based on a 13 times 4 sequence. (descriptions would come from the synopsis and this will be provided at request). This would give us a total of 314 cards on all three levels, it is envisioned that they be of different sizes. The title for the whole work would be, THE CHAKRA/ALCHEMICAL TAROT DECK subtitle being A HEALING MODALITY A THOUSAND YEARS AHEAD OF IT”S TIME. An approach that will shatter the common beliefs of followers of ALCHEMY, THE CHAKRAS and the TAROT DECK. It dares to break new ground, it dares to set a trend for others to follow.

The Astrological/Alchemical book is completed……..this starts the number sequence. This work is called I, THE ALCHEMIST. Includes synopsis. I have started a course teaching ALCHEMY through http://groups.msn.com/theuniversityofmagic these lessons can be added at the end of the work or as an attachment whereby the reader can send the questions/answers to a central point then notified of results.

The Major arcana is in three pieces……..this continues the numbering sequence. This work is called THE LORE OF GATES AND PORTALS. Part one is complete, part two is nearing completion, part three is already begun. I also have ideas of doing another teaching course on this as well. Yet to be finalised.

The Minor arcana is yet to be started but the rough ideas are there…. This continues the numbering sequence again. The collective name for this work is called THE BOOK OF THE ELEMENTS .This work will be in five parts…..

part one called THE SONG OF EARTH
part two called THE SONG OF WATER
part three called THE SONG OF FIRE
part four called THE SONG OF AIR
part five called THE SONG OF SPIRIT

I have since put together a reading sheet to be used by those people who use the cards, it should have on it the outline of a human being, with scenery in the background.


Thanks so much for sharing your project Poet4Eternity. :) Sounds like an ambitious and intreguing lifes work! I would love to see some of the cards that you've made, are they anywhere online? Have you had much interest from publishers yet?

I look forward to hearing of your progress! :D

Major Tom

kayne said:
Thanks so much for sharing your project Poet4Eternity. :) Sounds like an ambitious and intreguing lifes work! I would love to see some of the cards that you've made, are they anywhere online? Have you had much interest from publishers yet?

I've got to echo my friend Kayne. Thank you for sharing and I would like to be kept informed of your progress. It really does sound fascinating. :)

Just one nitpick, however. A tarot deck consists of 78 cards: 22 majors and 56 minors. With much variation, we're no longer talking about tarot - we're talking about something else.

Your deck in progress with 314 cards sounds far beyond tarot to me. }) Perhaps you might like to think of something else to call it?


in reply to both....they are not available anywhere as yet...although usgames have expressed an interest in them as long as i can get an artist to do some of the artwork... that is a lot harder then it looks because no artists have expressed the desire to do them...so if you know of any artists prepared to give it a go...get them to contact me... it could be a divination deck... rather then tarot...its easier to call it a tarot deck because people understand it a lot better... but im using the format of the tarot so it has to have an element of it...


Understand it, or misuderstand it?

I will go and have a look but two things make me a bit skeptical

'for the next millennuim' 'ahead of its time' -- sound like an over-sell. I am quite conversant with the principles of alchemy and wonder how you can catch them any better on 314 cards than the current tarot does with 78,

The other is that the project seem outright enormous. If I want numbered verse solution I used the I Ching -- an idea that is also way ahead of its time, and has been for centuries...

I would suggest neither over-doing, nor over-selling if you want people to buy into you ideas. Clarity tends to come from simplicity.


hmmm. Your site has broken links and your Alchemy 101 link contains no information about alchemy. Your pictures (some broken links) are modern fantasy arty and you may have some copyright infringement issues. You do have a grab-bag of information about wicca but nothing beyond the superficial that I can see. If you take alchemy as the core of your idea for cards -- why does you site contain no information on it -- not even a picture?

I am interested in alchemy, and interested in how you might make a tarot deck that more fully expressed the principles of the major essences discussed in alchemical thought -- however a site that assumes I am a neophyte -- yet tells me nothing... irritating.

Could you give one example from your deck? If you are in need of an artist, and have good ideas, there might be some possibility for collaboration.


the university of magic group is one in which i have volunteered to set up my particular slant on alchemy... to try and teach the power and the majesty that is alchemy...at the risk of alienating myself maybe it is to difficult for some people to follow...i learnt a lot about myself by doing it in all its stages...i would like to think that some of that work has not gone to waste...and that it can be read and enjoyed by other people...i am not trying to convert anyone or push my own barrow...but again i say its MY PARTICULAR SLANT/TAKE on alchemy...

this is an example of one of the cards from the major arcana...


All things begin/ began and are begotten as a SEED. In the universe, so in the soil. As in the soil, so in consciousness. The number is ZERO (0). The picture I would suggest showing a series of SEEDS falling from and starting from a whirlpool of galaxies. Two SEEDS are in mid air, falling from the centre of the galaxies. Another one is on the ground. A third is sprouting from the soil, as a fourth and fifth are both falling into a garden enclosed within a transparent human body. This is to signify the growth of the seed in the garden of conscious awareness. ( the appellation here is THE PORTAL OF LIFE/LIGHT AND BEING----THE ENTRY.)

if this sparks the creative fire...lets talk...


This is a well described card and I will have a go at realising it visually if you would be interested. I am not the highest level of artist but think that I might be able to come up with something useful. Let me know if you have preferences re medium/dimensions.

The idea of the seed, or the cell is in interesting one. The state of the seed is approaching being separate from the 'all'/ether.

I would be interested in how you see you vision as being separate from the existing Alchemists tarot by Jollivet-Castelot which works within and respects the numbering 1-7, 8-14, 15-22?

p.s. I am from your neck of the woods, born in Sydney


us games told me the pictures need to be about 3 times the size of your standard tarot card...so if a standard card is roughly 12cms from top to bottom....and 8cms side to side...the size they would like would then 36cms top to bottom...and 24cms side to side...please have a go at it....

i feel i should here relate a little story...while i was writing the alchemical work...and having reached 28 signs (i thought it would have had a female energy and followed the female menstral cycle) but when a little stalemate happened...nothing was written for about two weeks (which for me at that time was unheard of) i then recieve a message from spirit/higher self/whatever...that there was another 24 signs....and they duly came through in the order as is written...i feel im taking both tarot and alchemy as well as chakras to a whole new level...but to be honest with you i cannot explain why...all i know is within me is all this data, that wants to get out...im over halfway through my life as it is now...and no sign or hope of success....maybe its destined not to be...but that will not stop me from writing what i know is coming from both my heart and my soul....even if all this work sits in the bottom of the draw for the rest of my life...only to be taken out and published after im dead....then so be it....i accept that...but i would like to think ive given someone something and not just been a total waste of human flesh....im not a great spiritual person...far from it...im not a guru....nor even really a teacher...i have something that i believe is worth sharing...if one person is alerted to their own power through my works...then by all the marks of the universe i will have succeeded...i hope this helps to explain where im coming from...being...and going to

I would be interested in how you see you vision as being separate from the existing Alchemists tarot by Jollivet-Castelot which works within and respects the numbering 1-7, 8-14, 15-22?

nearly every alchemist has added his/her/its own slant and perspective to the alchemical energy....i am no different...and one question for you...why stick with convention....if one has the scope or vision or creative capacity to take something further...then go, push the boundaries of both reality and dream...you have absolutely nothing to lose....but everything to win...

just a little side thing....has anyone noticed the new colour in the rainbow...its been around for about fifteen years...strangely enough around the time of the harmonic convergence...


You and I are obviously very different people -- which isn't a problem. FYI I am a research scientist -- and I have that way of thinking, very materialist, very 'show me the evidence'. I will try and not be irritating about it as I know that overdoing this sort of thing really stamps on creativity.

I would be interested in working on your cards. However given that we may see things rather differently (and I want to do a proper job) here is preliminary sketch. My plan would be to enlarge this, make the composition more symmetrical, get some photoreferences for galaxies and seeds, and render it in acrylic paint.

sketch: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/1243907

you can see other arts by me at: http://www.epilogue.net/cgi/database/art/list.pl?gallery=2446

Let me know if you think this would work -- and if so how many cards you might like samples for.

If you are interested -- Given a few bad experiences in the past I feel obliged to say - card concepts remain your property, artwork remains mine -- until otherwise agreed. In the mean time both of us have the right to show and display the art as samples [without profit].