A 'Thank You' for Lee


Dear Lee,

Thank you so much for the creation of this deck. It is ground-breaking in it's attempts to work against gay stereotypes to create a deck that gay men can relate to and use. The 'gay-friendly' amoung us feel this deck helps them, too, by allowing them to see how gay men perceive themselves and their world. And it's a great deck!

It is sad to see you depart from the Aeclectic community, but you are leaving this part of yourself behind. Godspeed you on your way!




What do you mean Tarotbear?

Where is Lee going? Did I miss something?



I'm wondering the same Moonbow*?


If Lee has to go :( I hope it is only a temporary thing... best wishes for Lee and his future projects. As Tarotbear I appreciate the Gay Tarot deck a lot and now that I come to think had never said that to Lee before. Thank you Lee!