A tiny squeak of a miaow, the Baroque Bohemian Cats tarot peers around the corner...


As some of you may know, the deck and I have had a few reasons to maintain a low profile recently :) . However, as it looks like it may be safe to come out now (okay, okay, I don't mean that absolutely seriously), and just to give some updates on publishing times...

We go to print this next week - finally. But the whole process may take four weeks. We should have decks before sets as it's the making of the boxes (things are not so hugely mechanised here) that can take some time.

Several of the cards you have seen before here have been changed, but not radically. As you know, we decided to change The Tower and The High Priestess based on some of the very useful input here. We have also just altered The Chariot and some others - but nothing very radical.

The website (www.bohemian-cats.com) is reasonably up to date - about three-quarters of the cards are there now.

So - not long to go, even though - with apologies - it's been longer than we hoped.

Please feel free to ask questions or anything. I can post a few of the newer cards too of course.

I will put up details of the card size too. Basically, if you know Tarot of Prague, then they are just a little larger - as big as we feel we can make them and still have then easy to shuffle.

Nice to be around again - big purr!


Way cool! Glad you are back, Karen! Assuming that those of us who e-mailed you are on list to order book and deck!




Absolutely, everyone who emailed is on the list (and I will double-check in the next fortnight). It is about twenty times (literally) the size of the Tarot of Prague pre-orders last year, so I'm not sure what that tells me. It's nice though.

I am trying to get the mailing list in order too. I need to send round an email. Far from spamming people it has been a very inactive list - I just kept put off sending out a mail as we never seemed to have exact dates. Now that it's a bit more certain (although in the hands of the printers to some extent) I feel I can say a bit more.

So much still to do though. The LWB is ten pages too long and I can't decide what to cut. Oh well, it'll all work out...


Welcome back Karen! :D *hugs welcomingly and purrs like a happy cub*

I'm so excited! :D *sniffles that it'll take so long for everything to print* But I promise I'll be a good little cub and wait patiently :) (Well, I'll try! ;) )

Maybe the size of the pre-order list is telling you that ToP rocked so hard that people are clambering to get their paws on your next deck :D
(Or maybe it means that there are lots of little cubs out there who all want a deck with pictures of their cousin cats in? =^_^= )

Maybe you could post a poll about what bits of the LWB to cut? It might help you decide, giving an indication of what people want in the LWB, and what people would be okay leaving out.
Then again, I get the feeling everyone here is going to go for the book and deck set :)

*bounces happily again and tells the cats in the postcards on her wall that their friends from the deck will be here soon to play with them* :D


YIPPEE!! I can't wait! I keep popping by the BBC site almost daily to get another gander at the adorable cats! I am on the list......... :D


That's great!! I'm a wee bit behind the times, having just ordered the Tarot of Prague (from Amazon.ca--it has left the warehouse and is in the mail right now :)) I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the Tarot of Prague and I'm sure it will be the same for the Baroque Bohemian Cats. My cats have wanted a deck for a while so I will definitely be getting that one too.

Congratulations Karen!


Aura Wolf

Can't wait for this deck :D Will it, as the Tarot of Prague, be in limited supply?


Dead Star said:
Can't wait for this deck :D Will it, as the Tarot of Prague, be in limited supply?

Baba says in her LiveJournal that there are 4000 decks being printed, much more than the first run of the Tarot of Prague.


Major Tom

Great news Karen and absolutely wonderful to see you back on the boards. :)


Le_Corsair said:
Baba says in her LiveJournal that there are 4000 decks being printed, much more than the first run of the Tarot of Prague.


Yes, ToP first edition was only 3500 in all (including sets and separate decks). The second edition is out now - in different packing.
BBCats will be more and we don't plan to keep it to a limited edition. We have been asked about doing a small limited edition version though - with much bigger cards. We would love to do this, and time is the only problem. We'll see if it's possible later in the year. If we do it, it will be VERY limited edition though.

I suppose basically our print runs will always be a lot lower than a big publisher - it's just the way with being a Small Press. But in some ways I like that.