A weighty matter (light weight)


'Lo all,

I was working with both the Robin Wood deck and my new World Spirit deck. The cards in both decks are the same height, but the WS cards are wider. The cards seem to be the same thickness, and stacked beside each other the decks are the same height.

But, when you pick them up, the WS deck seems to weigh twice as much. Heavy! Maybe they are made out of recycled Catepillar treads. Recycling is good.

Maybe my imagination is working on overdrive. But I wish I had a postal scale so I could verify this.

I've never seen anyone comment on the physical weight of the cards before. Maybe 'cause it's too damn silly.

(My cranky computer is kinda working today, but still no email.)

What do Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh have in common? They have the same middle name.


Tal, you are not imagining it! Some decks are definitely heavier than others. Not that I have put them on a scales either! I suspect it has to do with the type of card stock used , maybe also the finish.Some decks are definitely heavies! And I tend to prefer them , being an earth sign and all, I guess that fact seems to be explaining a lot today!


And now that you mention it , some Books are definitely heavier than others also , even though they may be the same size, thickness , or same number of pages. Maybe it's the type of paper and/or binding used? Maybe it's a heavier subject matter? :-o ??? ;-) I actually made an aerobics step out of 6 old very heavy encyclopedias and lots of duct tape! Now There's a good use for them! :-D .