A weird little question concernign my "fool", the Green Man:


Would the word for him be "agrimorphic"? I know zoomorphic = animal + whatever, anthropomorphic is human + whatever - is there a word for plant + , or is it just "anthropomorphic"??? :D


He was human/plant mostly, from what I remember of the Medieval use of him. Sort of the male side of Mother Earth. Not really animal based, which is what anthropomorphic refers to.

But based on him being primarily human, maybe 'animistic' is the term? I don't know of any vegetable terms that would describe him accurately.

I think it would also depend on WHICH greenman you're taking your original from, there have been several (mostly in the British Isles).




this is a Pre-Christian, true form which has a human with a leaf headdress growing out of his head. This is the form that the later Medieval versions developed from. Truly Druidic. Agrimorphic?... That *may* be right...


Just talked to my sister:

It's more or less "anthropomorphic", that is, to make something not human seem human - anthro = human, morph = change. (Dunno what "po" means!) But my sister says that if "agrimorphic" describes it better, I can coin the term! :D