Aaargh! Back on track (almost) with the WorldTree Tarot


A long, long time ago - about three weeks, I think - I finally got the decks off to the printers, in both full and half-sized formats. The only thing left to do was redo my website, register the ISBNs with Bowker, set up with PayPal for ordering, and wait for the decks to be shipped to me. No problem (or not much).

Two days later my landlord informed me he was putting the building up for sale. Now, I've been living in the same place for 14 years, and had forgotten even the IDEA of moving from one place to another. Eek. First thought - I want to get my own place. Second thought - I don't know anything about getting my own place. Four days later, talked to the agent who's handling his building, and has handled getting people for repairs and tuckpointing and such in the past, and asked her if she could find me a condo. Went to the bank and said "mortgage?" and started providing credit information.

Three days later we were out hunting, and bingo! found one. Made an offer, had it accepted, and then all the little esoteric pieces started going on. Mortgage is a problem, I've never bought enough things on credit (shame on me!, all I've got is a perfect credit rating). Learning to sit back and be a passenger and trust the people who're working for me, because I can't stop my life and learn their professions. Minor/major nerves.

Two days later, the computer that I access the internet with dies. It's only 9 or 10 years old, for heaven's sake. Decision to replace. Expedited order of new computer. Biting nails that I can't get on the internet (The other computer is graphics only, and no way I'll take a chance of having it infected.)

5 days later, new computer comes. Sigh of relief. Boot up at 1 in the afternoon. Restart the computer at midnight and get on the internet. 1 a.m., in the middle of typing a URL, and "click" - black screen. Frantic call to manufacturer. Determination that it isn't the monitor and I'll have to call back in the morning when their heavy hitters are in. Call back in the morning and get a promise to have a new motherboard shipped overnight. and installed the next day after that.

Sound dies on graphics machine and there are several other odd happenings - (this was while waiting for delivery of the new machine). Probable diagnosis - intermittent read/write errors on the hard drive due to beginning mechanical failure. Grit teeth and order new hard drive.

Tech comes in (a day late) to install motherboard. New computer working. Initialize new hard drive for old computer and spend most of two days reinstalling programs and configuring. Still about half the stuff to go back on the old machine - can't trust my latest backups, but fortunately the deck graphics are backed up in at least four different places, and restore without difficulty (I hope, I haven't looked at everything yet).

Have an inspection done on new condo. Problems to be solved, and the agents and attorneys get to handle them for me, thankfully. Decide I will need to rip out the off-white carpeting in the livingroom and put down a new floor first thing, as I'm not a white-carpet person.

This takes us up to three days ago. Yesterday I got back to work on the website, and it's coming along (broken by an appraiser coming in at noon today to look this building over, and my agent to say no news yet. I may end up redoing her website for her after the whole mess has been finalized.

Wish me luck! Please...... Monday I call the printers to see just what is going on, and when they're planning on having finished decks for me. I have to admit, I'm just as glad nothing much has gone on there while everything else was going bonkers, but I sincerely hope things are moving there.


Whew! I'm in awe of your juggling capacity and ability to stay coherent through all of that! A spread on those weeks would have been full of majors.

Congratulations on coming through!


Imagemaker, I don't think I actually was coherent during that time - fortunately, I lucked into a really good real estate agent and a good mortgage/loan officer at my bank, and was a passenger most of the time.

The condo sale is wending it's way - the only new problem is that the lawyer I'm using is getting married two days before the original closing date and heading for Barcelona a day or so after it, so he's trying to shift the date, if possible, but says it's perfectly okay if he can't - I'd think his bride might be a bit irked, all things considered, but it's his marriage...

The final date for having the decks in my grubby little hands isn't quite firm yet, but tentatively the end of next week, maybe - evidently everything is printed but they haven't folded and glued the tuckboxes yet.

And the website changes are about a third finished, but I have to stop and deal with bills and receipts that have been piling up - estimated taxes wait for no being.

I think I'll celebrate by offering readings for a few weeks, once I have a non-virtual deck to play with - I've been so busy getting the deck done that I'm way out of practice with actually using the Tarot. The readings I've done with the Robin Wood and a few others have had a tendency to show me my own cards in my head instead of the ones on the table, which feels odd, somehow.

le pendu

I can't wait for the deck to be printed. Astra, congratulations!!!

I agree with Imagemaker... how you've kept it together is amazing.

Enjoy the calm even more when it comes,



Time to start breathing down the neck of my printer, I think. Called Monday and "I'll send you an email on when you can expect the finished decks before I leave today." never produced an email.

Generally, I'm inclined to believe people and figure that if they don't get back to me they must have a good reason, but I think it's time to get a little less forgiving.

My bills are caught up, and once I find a reasonable place to file all the condo information, it's back to working on the website changes. And one of these days I might actually get some new artwork done. I keep promising myself...

Major Tom

You've faced some challenges that would test a saint Astra.

I'm glad to hear that you're getting back on track. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes to your website, and of course, your deck in print. :)


The end of next week! Finally, a reply from the printer! (assuming nothing else goes crazy, of course) That means I'm going to aim to have the deck up for sale around the 20th, which should give them time to ship me the first batch, and for me to actually open a couple up and make sure they haven't messed up anywhere. Fingers crossed (virtually - typing is hard otherwise).


Astra- this is so exciting (you seem very calm about everything!) I have been waiting such a long time to get my hands on this deck. I cannot even imagine how you feel.



I hope the printing is everything you're expecting it to be.

Don't figure that you should wait too long to contact them, in business a missed deadline usually generates some calls as to why--think of it as a business result, like you're ordering pamphlets you NEED for a trade show or something. Deadlines are supposed to be specific, if there's a holdup they'll let you know why (paper needs to be ordered, a machine is being serviced when it went down, they lost 3 employees, whatever).


Majecot - I suspect it's not calm, but simply that if I got as excited as I think I should be over all the things that are going on, I'd burn out within three days. Comes a maximum possible panic level, and then things settle down...

Hudson Gray - well, the kicker is that I never really got a solid deadline on the printing, and the proofs went 'round and 'round for a couple of weeks. But yes, time to ginger them up again "We'll get back to you early next week" from Thursday last week seems to have passed. <pause to send them an email - thanks for mentioning it, or I might have let it go another day>

On the (very) positive side, my brand new updated web pages got up this morning, with only a few minor glitches that I need to take care of shortly, and I'm very, very happy with the way they look (at least the section on the Tarot - the rest of the site needs more work yet), and I would welcome comments from anybody who wants to take a look at

Baba-prague deserves a huge word of thanks here - her Baroque-Cats site set me looking at a much cleaner design than I've tended to do in the past. (And I'm fairly sure she's lurking from time to time, so thanks a whole bunch, Karen!)