Aaargh! Back on track (almost) with the WorldTree Tarot


Ahhh. One standard deck, one mini-deck, being UPS'd to me so I can see what they look like before I send off a final check to the printer.

A pity they're not in the city where I could go and breathe down their necks in person: Chicago has a number of different professional card printers, but they're pretty much limited to standard size, standard count, add your own graphics to the backs types of decks.

I celebrated by spending time at the computer turning out my first new piece of artwork in almost a month, and a second is rendering at the moment. Feels wonderful - actually, it feels like I got to take a vacation.

Tomorrow is back to the details - registering the ISBNs with Bowker, finding out what PayPal wants from me for a business account and what I need to do to the website to make it work...
Oh, and packing boxes for the move. Mostly it's books, and books, and more books (and twenty years' collection of knicknacks). Ruthless pruning...


Visited your web site. Your deck is beautiful and the site a pleasure to visit. The narrative of your recent adventures made me think of The Eight of Wands......all these projects requiring your attention at the same time. Good luck with your move. I am sure that you will love having a home of your own.


Thanks, Catdoc. I feel more like 10 of wands today (or maybe the 10 of swords) - on top of everything else (and possibly because of everything else...) I ended up with a really solid cold and chest congestion and oh, boy, maybe it'll end up bronchitis again if I don't watch out, mess, that I'm still coping with.

On the positive side, I did get copies of both the regular and mini-sized decks, and they're - well, if not everything I could have wanted, at least they're pretty durn good. After all the fuss and fiddling, I think I was expecting to hear trumpets when I opened them up, which accounts for the slight feeling of disappointment. Or it could simply have been the fact that I was trying to cough my lungs up through my throat at the time and couldn't focus fully enough to appreciate them...

But they're real, they're REAL....

In any event, I suspect I'll be putting the sale date back from the 20th to the end of the month (the 16th already? oh, drat, I've lost almost five days here!), since I've still got to send a check, and they still have to ship them out.



Don't worry about pushing the date back a little. If US Games can do it, so can you! Seriously, you need to look after your health first and foremost and one week more will make no difference but will give you a bit of time to relax. Also, if you are ill, the cards WILL leave you feeling a bit flat - it's your tiredness and virus speaking. Just rest a bit - then take another look and enjoy.

It is just GREAT news that the cards are real, and so nearly ready to ship. I said to someone else here recently that it's amazing how we have all worked and struggled, and then this summer, it all becomes real at last for several people at the same time.

Maybe we should soon throw a Creation Board virtual party? LOL.

It's excellent!

I very much look forward to seeing your deck (oh, and I've been meaning to say if I haven't already that the mini version is a really good idea too).


baba-prague said:
If US Games can do it, so can you!

Er... right. I am a publisher in my own right now, too, if I can remember it...

I've fed myself, the cats, and my mother on a regular basis since last Friday, and that's taken almost all the concentration I've had. Finally got into a routine of aspirin, decongestant, eat something, and sleep a bit, and this morning I figured I'd really better try to pay some attention to my email.

The idea of a party sounds great - maybe we can celebrate my new deck and yours and HudsonGray's Marsaille Cats, and Tom's endeavors, and le Pendu's great beginnings, and hmmm - maybe we should do this at least once a quarter? Considering the amount of talent that posts here?

I make a mean 13th century German chicken recipe.....