"Aboriginal DreamTime Oracle".



Last night I had a few friends over and we ended up, as part of the evening, trying out these two new decks I bought last week. Sometimes face to face adds something to a reading compared to online I reckon. More immediate and nothing quite compares to someone's facial expressions in the here and now at times.:D

I met the woman that made these decks (Mel Brown) - 3 in all. I tried ALL of them out and found that these two answered questions as well as put a message to you that ONLY you would get and not anyone else UNLESS that "anyone else" knew the situation in and out.

I find most of the Oracle decks I have are "workable" for me, but only a handful hold any real appeal.

So, I am going to put up some of the readings from last night bit by bit to give you an idea of how these decks work with certain questions and/or sitters.

Never know you might want to invest in one or two yourself!


DND :)


"Mar's Reading". (Three Cards).

What do I need to know if I decide to spread out and do my own thing in business?


1) Find your inner strength - believe in yourself and work through the situation. Look for alternatives to the issues going on as they are there to be found.

2) Ghosts from the past may need to be set free. There could be certain aspects of your life that have not been mourned and need to be accepted, grieved over, and set free.

E.g. Losses/Sorry business/Bad choices.

3) You want to work alone and for your own higher good, but in doing so you forget what it is like to work with others and how beneficial that can be.

E.g. Two minds are greater than one.

Reconsider being a recluse compared to working with others.


As I see it Mar is not exactly being encouraged at this point in time to be venturing out and doing her own thing.

I feel she needs to resolve whatever is going on in her current work situation and to face whatever"past ghosts" haunt her in order to feel less restless, also, to see that being a "recluse" is not quite the way to go.


Mar is tired of her job situation and working for others. As in under a manager not actually working with others like as part of a team.

As for the "ghosts from the past" like "losses and grief" that have not been "grieved or faced" that is something she wants to ponder over as she has not exactly been "fired" in any job, so she needs time to work out what it could be or not.

Being her "own boss" does appeal to her, but not a "recluse" and cutting all ties with others.

DND :)


"Vee's Reading". (Three Cards).

What guidance can be given about my life as in Love/Family/Work/Travel/Spiritual etc?


1) One step forward and two steps back. Time to re- evaluate and reset goals. When the time is right what you are trying to achieve will still be there, but only when you are ready, will it come about more quickly.
2) Time to listen to a certain someone as what they have to say is worth the attention.
3) Change is not a bad thing. Weigh up the pros and cons of a situation/person/aspect of your life and make a "commitment" as either way it will be fine. You can always go back to the way it was before. Be warned that things may not be smooth at first, but eventually you will go with the flow.


So, there is something in Vee's life (or a few things) in which she is experiencing "setbacks" no matter what. She needs to take a good hard look at what is "holding back" things as well as to change what she is doing that might not be working or slowing the whole process down of what she is trying to achieve whether with Family/Work/Love/Spiritual/Travel etc.

There is someone in her life that she can trust and listen to when it comes to advice.

Weighing up the "PROS" and "CONS" plus making a "commitment" to "whatever" is what Vee needs to do as it will be "right" either way.

Doing nothing is obviously not productive.


Indecision sounds about right and being caught between this/that/the other and not taking any action and/or wanting to as just cannot be bothered sometimes.

For example, what restaurant to eat at with whoever, what to do sometimes for family quality time, wanting to go Bali or Malaysia only the CONS stand out ONLY for some reason. :bugeyed:


As I see it Vee needs to work out what is slowing her down, make a commitment once she weighs up everything to do with what/whoever situation/people are involved, then just go with the flow because no matter what there will be no "wrong" decisions and she can always go back to how it was before.

DND :)