accidentally drew a faery. LOL


The coolest thing happened today. I was doodling at work while I was on the phone. I drew a flower with a long stem and leaves. And a few hours later something made me think to turn it upside down, and it looked EXACTLY like a faery full of joy playing on a flower, for all the world like he was leaning back balancing some kind of stick on the tip of his/her nose. LOL

I had had a hard day at work too, and when I saw it it really made me laugh and that was just what I needed. I had no idea what I was drawing when I had it right side up. I am sure that the faeries had a hand in this and helped me draw that to help lighten my day.



that sounds so cool, you should post it!


Well, don't all get too excited. I'm no artist. :) It was just a doodle, and it is kindof a stick figure faery, but he did get his message across to me. :)

Another cool thing is I somehow doodled the words "I will" behind him, with a big I underneath. Like a positive affirmation that " I will find more playfulness in my life and learn to not take things too seriously" Which is something I seriously need to do.:)

Here is my flower as I drew it:

and here is the reversed image:

Let me know if you see him too.:)



Very cool! I see it too!


Hi SunChariot, I have read somewhere that if you cannot draw something (copy) you should turn it upside down and copy it. Apparently it is something to do with brain hemispheres and not been able to preconceive the drawing. When drawn turn the original and your drawing right side up and be surprised. I think your doodle is great. ~Rosanne


lunar_rabbit said:
Very cool! I see it too!

thanks lr and everyone. :)

To me what was so cool about it was that I am sure it was a pure faery communication. I did not do it purposely but I think they did. :) Cause in the end it was just the message I needed at that time. I love that when the universe (and the faeries) find new and inventive ways to communicate. And according to the book that is they way they think.

Like when I started to connect more with the Soul Shrinker and decided I was not comfortable calling him by that name.

I had the card in my hand and asked him what else I could call him. And the name Jesse came to me out of the blue. Which I did not think much about as it was such a pedestrian name compared to the other names in the deck...Just a normal everyday human sounding name.

Then a few days later I noticed that there were the initials ss right in the middle (which for me is still "soul saver"), and that if you remove them you are left with "Jee" which sounds a whole lot like "Gee". As in Gee maybe he's not so bad after all. In the end it was he who taught me that none of the faeries are.

And it was so full of faery logic that I had a sense that the faeries (and probably he) had sent me that name. Sortof like G. Hobia where you have to rearrange letters and stuff to really see the meaning. Love this kind of puzzle. LOL

Okay, so I am rambling, but I am still so blown away by these faeries and how they communicate. LOL



i see it as well!

i love doodling and finding different images :)


That's awesome, no doubt the faeries had a hand in this one. Keep doodling!