Ace of Cups, knight of Cups, and page of cups in relationship readings?


I've been doing a lot of readings and soul-searching about the relationship between me and an ex that hurt me a lot. I've been trying to process my own feelings, think about his feelings, and find the potential in our relation to each other (if there is any). I'm basically trying to figure out how to proceed as far as he's concerned.

I pull the three cards in the title VERY OFTEN when I ask about him. The knight of Cups often relates to him and his feelings towards me, and the page often relates to me or the course of action I should take. Almost constantly present, however, is the ace of Cups. This card pops up in really important positions in my readings - in our shared future, in my future, as something I should focus on or know.

These romance cards could be pointing to a reconnection on some level. Specifically, the ace of cups could refer to a new opportunity for love or friendship for us. Of course, it could also mean that we are both seeking opportunities elsewhere. I think the page of Cups may be telling me to continue to be vulnerable and continue to love, even though I've been hurt. I'm not sure whether that should be directed at him or not. Lastly, to me the knight of Cups signifies a passionate, deep romance (if maybe a little dramatic or fleeting). So I'm a bit lost on that one.

I'm just looking for more facets of these cards and more possible meanings they might hold. Thank you guys!

(tried to edit for clearer interpretations. I hope this is better!)


Yes, I agree with you.
A potential of re-connection is highly possible.
The fact that these three cards of love show up in an up-right position is pretty rare when it comes to an ex.

If Page of Cups is him, then he is still clinging on to you.
If Knight of Cups is you, then you're his "knight in a shining-armor"
and the future is Ace of Cups could highly possibly mean a new born of love and romance.


When I get several cards of a suit, I give thought to the cards that didn't show up. So in your case, the King of Cups and Queen of Cups are the cards of the suit of Cups that didn't appear. The Pages and Knights are immature---the King and Queen are mature. So maybe the cards might be saying to you that one or both of you need to become more mature in the ideas you have about love and romantic relationships. Once you've discovered how one or both of you might be immature in the relationship, then you can progress further into knowing how to approach things in a new way if you both want that. The Ace of Cups shows the potential of the suit, so I see this card as reassuring you that the potential for a mature relationship is there, so don't throw the baby out with the bath water.


The thing about Cup/Water energy is that it can be very big on sentiment and nostalgia but extremely low on outer action/reality. Even the most overflowing of hearts aren't necessarily expressed externally. The Page and Knight, for example, may quite happily live in La La Land without using or offering their Cups in effective ways, relationship-wise. They're also prone to being in love with love, and some really only enjoy a "fresh" infatuation (leading to short attention spans)... So, promising though they often seem, a reunion or other desired development isn't guaranteed when Cups happen to gather in readings. They easily reflect the querent's own romantic urges and dreamy hopes, as well, rather than real-world events or viable mutual connections.